This Is How You Will Know That He Is The Right One

  You have a hard time, right? You have been broken too many times and are now careful with your decisions because they could lead to a broken heart again and you have had enough of them. You’re tired of crying and your heart still hurts from the last time you were betrayed, and you started looking at men as a heart breaker and nothing else. The thing is, at some point in your life, you meet someone who will turn your world upside down. You will not believe what happens, but how do you know he is right for you? Well, it’s easy. He will put you first. You will be his biggest priority and there will be nothing more important than you. He will love you, he will appreciate you and he will always have time for you. Even if he has something planned; if you are ill, he will come to you to be there for you. He will never make you feel unwanted. Not like the last bastard who made you believe that you are hard to love. Your new husband will show you that he can not live by his side without you and he will do whatever it takes to stay. There will be no doubt, no games, only love and fulfillment. He will never take you for granted. The biggest mistake people make in relationships is that they take each other for granted, but that’s not the case with him. He will appreciate your efforts and your existence. He knows how to say “thank you” and take part in your relationship, to the point where you’ll be overwhelmed by something you’ve never seen before …. He will reassemble your fragments. He will make you forget that you were ever broken. I mean, you can only heal with love and appreciation and you get that from him. He will let you see why everything happened the way it happened. Your ex-friends are lessons that show you what love is not. That’s why He came, with all the love in this world that burns in him, ready to give you everything. These men before him gave you reasons to be more careful; careful enough not to leave anybody but him in your life. He will make you forget that your heart was ever broken. He will respect you. He will respect you and all your decisions, without doubting you. You will know that you will be valued every time he asks for your opinion and every time he leaves you alone because you have asked him to. He will respect your limits and never let you do things you do not want to do. He will never touch you without your permission. I do not know why, but men think that they have a right to a woman’s body while we have no say. That is always the case, unless one speaks with the right one. The right man who treats you as if your body is only a part of you will look far beyond and see the person you really are. You will never hear him raise his voice against you. He knows how scary it is for you to go through this trauma, so he wants you to feel safe and secure. He will never raise his hand against you, because that would make him a coward. Only a real man knows how to treat a woman properly and that’s exactly what he is: a real man. He will listen to you and remember everything you said. From start to finish. Because he listens to you. Because he cares. Because he wants to know everything about you. He is not ignorant, he is not selfish. He listens actively and you will find that it is the most important thing in a relationship. It means being present and having someone important enough to listen to. He will never make you cry. Even when you cry, he will kiss the traces of your tears on the cheek, so you never feel that your tears are a sign of weakness, because they are not. They are a sign that you are human. Therefore, he will do everything in his power to make you feel complete and complete and never to doubt him, yourself, or your relationship. If you ask yourself, this man really exists. You’ve never had a chance to meet someone like him because those men were marginal assholes who were unable to see you for the blessing that you really are. But be patient. Nothing comes overnight. Just be yourself and know that you will wear it in no time.


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