Whether she’s a saver, a spender, or falls somewhere in between, we all have one or two guilty pleasures that we like to spend our money on. Even the thriftiest person has that one exception on which they’ll splash their cash. Exactly what she spends her money can come down to a lot of things, and one of them might be her astrological sign.

The experts say that our signs dictate many elements of our personalities, including our temperaments, our likes and dislikes and our attitudes toward life. All that considered, it’s easy to see how every sign has her own guilty pleasure that she’s most likely to spend her money on. While the fire signs typically like to put their hard-earned cash toward experiences rather than tangible and material goods, the earth signs like to spend their money on lots of little things rather than one big expensive thing. Then there are the air signs, who tend to find the balance between spending on themselves and spending on others, and the water signs, who spend their money on their passions.

Read on to find out how good a saver you are, and where your money is likely to go, according to your sign.

20-Aries: Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

Aries is one of the biggest adventurers in astrology, so it makes sense that she spends her money on those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that other people wouldn’t dare.

She’s not interested in spending it all on material goods, but things that she will remember forever, that will teach her new lessons and that will change her perspective on life.

Aries is the type to put her money towards diving with the sharks, feeding the lions, jumping out of planes and trekking through mountains. There’s always a new adventure waiting around the corner, and she’s willing to try them all.

19-Leo: Gym Memberships And Personal Trainers

Like the other fire signs, Leo is a very active person. She’s into adventuring just as much as her fiery sisters, but she’s also into looking and feeling her best. Leo usually has a very solid reputation, and she makes it her business to uphold it. One of the things that people envy Leo for is her looks, and part of that is her amazing body. Leo will work hard to look like the star that she is, so she’s prepared to spend her money on gym memberships and personal trainers. This investment in her health makes her feel and look her very best.

18-Sagittarius: Travel, Travel And More Travel

Sagittarius is all about the adventures in life, just like the other fire signs. She is a natural-born traveler, so of course, she spends her money on travel.

She doesn’t really get homesick in the way that others do, and the minute she touches down back home, she thinks about where she can go on her next trip.

Sagittarius is likely to work and travel at the same time, getting odd jobs in the different cities she visits to fund her never-ending trips. She’s a good saver until it’s time to book her next vacation, and travel agents love her.

17-The Fire Signs Spend Money On Adventure

For the fire signs, nothing is as important as living life to the fullest. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius were born with a craving for adventure, and they’d much rather spend money creating eternal memories than on new clothes or even a new car. For Aries, the most daring of the signs, the money goes to experiences that money can buy, like carnivore feedings or skydiving. Leo likes her adventures too, but she’s more concerned with being in shape for when those adventures come to her, which is why she pays for gym memberships. And Sagittarius is happy to take bold risks as long as she’s traveling.

16-Taurus: Food, Brunch And Drinks

They often say that Taurus is the glutton in astrology and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. She loves food and has no problem with spending her money to taste the very best. Though she tells herself not to, Taurus ends up buying her lunch almost every day because she can’t resist the delicious food she sees on her way to work.

Being a social butterfly, Taurus also spends a lot of money on food so she can hang out with her friends.

She goes out to brunch a lot, and also loves going for a drink on a Friday or Saturday night.

15-Virgo: Straight Into The Bank

Most of Virgo’s money goes to one place, and that’s the bank. That’s right, this earth sign is a super saver and what she earns goes straight into her account. Virgo likes to have a safety net to fall back on, so she’s not likely to take out money unless she absolutely needs it. Of course, she does spend when she has to. But she isn’t one to waste money. When she has to buy something, she’ll think seriously about it. Most of the things she buys are practical and necessary, though every now and then she treats herself to a splurge (and then feels super guilty afterward).

14-Capricorn: Investments For The Future

Capricorn is money minded and financially savvy, so of course, she likes to be smart with her money.

She isn’t big on splurging, but she also doesn’t like to have her money sitting in the bank where it’s not doing anything.

Aside from being quite the businesswoman, Capricorn is an investor. As she establishes herself in her career and increases her net worth, she’s likely to look into investing in real estate and shares, but even when she’s just starting out in her adult life, she likes to buy things that she can sell later for a greater profit.

13-The Earth Signs Spend Money On Little Things That Add Up

The earth signs don’t like to blow their money on expensive things, but they do buy little things that add up. This is particularly the case with Taurus, who is a bit of a foodie and can never say no to lunch with friends or breakfast at a new hotspot. Virgo is the best saver of all the signs, just because she always likes to play it on the safe side and save a penny for a rainy day, but she can still get caught up in spending on small things. And Capricorn is a natural investor, but all her investments can leave her out of pocket for a while.

12-Gemini: Classes, Courses, And Workshops

Gemini is the happiest when she’s spending her money on things that enrich her life. She’s not the biggest shopper and would probably get bored on a shopping trip that lasted too long, but she does like to spend on things like classes and courses.

This bubbly sign loves to learn new skills, exercise her creativity and discover new things to be passionate about, so she loves trying out classes.

In particular, she loves to learn new languages, but she will also try out arts and crafts, sports and even more daring activities like surfing. As a rule of thumb, she’ll try anything once.

11-Libra: Online Shopping

Not all signs feel satisfied after a shopping spree, but Libra does. This is one sign who definitely appreciates material objects and has expensive taste, so a fair amount of her money goes to online shopping. In most cases, Libra is balanced and doesn’t do anything in excess, but online shopping is probably the exception. Especially since it doesn’t really feel like shopping, because she can do it from the comfort of her own home, she can blow some serious cash filling up her cart on her favorite e-stores. Her doorbell is basically always ringing with a new parcel from somewhere in the world.

10-Aquarius: Charity

Being a natural humanitarian, Aquarius puts a lot of her money toward charity.

She is the type to give loose change to anyone who asks for it and will stop and listen when people approach her in the street to raise funds for a good cause.

Her heart gets tied up in the plights of others so she’s always willing to spare what she can. While other signs might be hesitant about signing up to give ongoing donations to charities Aquarius doesn’t think twice about it, especially after there’s been some big disaster like an earthquake or tornado.

9-The Air Signs Spend Money On Themselves And Others

The air signs are quite balanced in most ways, and they like to split their money between buying things for themselves and buying things for others. When it comes to buying for themselves, Gemini prefers to splurge on experiences than tangible goods and is particularly fond of education (that comes in any form). Libra, on the other hand, loves to receive packages from online shopping, which has a tendency to turn into a bad habit. Aquarius prefers to spend on others than herself and likes to give what she can afford to help those in need through various charities.

8-Cancer: Gifts For Her Loved Ones

Thinking of others before herself is typical Cancer behavior. This selfless water sign is considerate and generous, and her loved ones mean the world to her. Most of her money goes toward gifts for them because she just can’t help herself.

It doesn’t even need to be Christmas or someone’s birthday—if she sees something that she thinks her partner, a friend or a family member would like, she goes ahead and buys it.

And she really splashes all her cash when someone she knows has a baby. She’s helpless around booties, teddy bears and size zero onesies.

7-Scorpio: Funding Her Passions And Obsessions

Scorpio is an intense sign who gets heavily drawn into the things she’s interested in. She tends to get quite consumed, whether it be in an unsolved mystery or a television series. Most of the time, she’s quite a good saver and is also a great investor. But when one of her obsessions starts to take over her life, she’ll blow her money on it. For example, if she goes through a Harry Potter phase, she needs to buy all the books, all the DVDs, all the Gryffindor robes, a replica wand and a Hermione doll for good measure.

6-Pisces: Health And Beauty Treatments

Pisces is one sign who understands the concept of self-care. She spends a lot of her time counseling and helping other people when they need it, so she definitely deserves to sit back and indulge in a few health and beauty treatments. A sensual creature, Pisces loves a good massage with hot stones or oil, and will never say no to a day at the spa where she can get a facial, a mani and a pedi.

She’s always willing to try the newest beauty and health crazes and probably spends a little bit too much money on skincare.

5-The Water Signs Spend Money On Things They Feel Passionate About

The water signs are reasonably good savers, but they can get carried away when they feel strongly about something (as they tend to do!).

These signs don’t think twice about splashing cash on things that matter to them. Cancer sometimes goes too far in buying gifts for her loved ones, and can’t help herself even when she’s been told to stop being so generous. Scorpio will buy a whole store’s worth of goods related to her latest obsession, no matter the cost. And Pisces feels passionate about looking after herself, so she’s always down for the latest beauty and health treatments.

4-Fire Saver Rating: Uh-Oh

As far as a saver rating goes, the fire signs are probably the worst in astrology.

They don’t like to live carefully, don’t like to think too much about anything and tend to live in the present rather than the future.

Thanks to all of that, they have a habit of impulsive spending, which doesn’t always turn out to work in their favor. They can blow a lot of money on things that they don’t really need because they felt an urge to buy them at the time. If anyone needs help setting a budget and sticking to it, it’s these ladies!

3-Earth Saver Rating: Impressive

The earth signs are probably the best savers in astrology, and that’s because of their balanced, careful nature. These ladies think about everything before they do it, and evaluate the pros and cons of just about every decision, so there’s not a lot of impulsive spending. Plus, after they do spend a lot of money, they tend to be struck with guilt. It’s not always fun being an earth sign because of this, but at least they’re great savers! Their desire for a safety net means that they always make sure they have money put away in case they need it.

2-Air Saver Rating: Could Be Better

The air signs aren’t the worst savers, but they’re not the best either. Although they’re not obsessive and are usually quite balanced, they can be impulsive from time to time.

They like to live in the moment rather than plan for the future or learn from the past, which means that they sometimes make purchases that they later regret.

This is especially the case for Libra, who should really get someone to monitor how much she spends on her favorite online shopping stops! Though they don’t like saving, these ladies can do it if they put their minds to it.

1-Water Saver Rating: Pretty Good

The saver rating for the water signs is pretty good. Although they’re not the best savers in astrology, they could be doing a lot worse! It’s true that these gals can get carried away by their passions and get lost in spending for other people, or on themselves. But they generally don’t find happiness in things that money can buy. Because they’re quite spiritual, they usually find happiness elsewhere, for free. While they do splurge every now and then, they don’t feel like they have to spend money to find satisfaction or fulfillment, which is really a blessing!

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