What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Love Language

  It’s easy to tell when someone is in love, but sometimes people are in so deep they can’t see, or choose not to see, the truth of their own emotions. It’s so easy to “fall” for someone simply because they’re physically attractive – but is that all it takes to fall head-over-heels in love with someone? Maybe you love the way a friend jokes around with you, but is it love or just true companionship? These days it’s so easy to fall for all the typical “I love you” trends. Just because someone is polite to you, it doesn’t mean they’re secretly hoping you’ll notice them and you’ll suddenly fall in love with them – sometimes it really does just mean they’re a polite person, but other times it means they’re low-key flirting. How do you tell the difference, you ask? That’s a great question mankind has been trying to figure out since we first became self-aware. When it comes to understanding the differences between being comfortable with someone, being infatuated, or being undeniably in love, all you have to do is look to the stars! What is your element all about and what does your sign say about your love language? Take a look:

16-Air Signs Consider The Facts

If there’s one thing Air signs are known for, it’s their ability to think rationally. They may get caught up in the moment sometimes, but overall they know to take a step back and really consider what’s going on and what the appropriate response should be. For these signs, as soon as they think they might be falling or are already in love with someone, they look at things analytically. What makes them think they’re in love? What are the signs? What does popular culture say about it? What does science say about it? What was that one thing mom said about it again? Air signs consider things from all angles, and for a complex emotion like love, they might seem to not really understand what’s going on all the time, but don’t worry – deep down they’re analyzing away!

15-Aquarius Think Things Through

If you’re an Aquarius, you just might recognize that you like to think things through. You’re very thorough in your considerations and you don’t waste too much time thinking about any one or two things – you see things as a whole and you want to understand who you’re in love with, why you feel the way you do, what happened to trigger it and what to do after you’ve realized the answers to all the previous questions. While some signs might think you’re off your rocker, others understand that you need to take some time to process your feelings. There’s nothing wrong with that – in fact, it’s a refreshing breath of air after seeing all the hit ’em and quit ’em relationships around you. So, Aquarius, if you’re over-thinking your interactions with someone and wondering how they feel about you, you just might be in love.

14-Gemini Can’t Look Away

Love is such a complex emotion, it’s easy to mistake certain personality traits or body language with flirting. This can’t be truer for anyone than it is for a Gemini. When a Gemini starts falling in love, they might try to fight it. After all, finding someone worthy of all their awesomeness can be quite a challenge, but it’s hard to deny that they’re in love when it comes to situational awareness (SA). A Gemini might seem like they’re not paying that much attention to the person they’ve fallen for, but when that person is around, suddenly a Gemini’s SA shoots through the roof! It’s like they’ve got a special antenna that pops out whenever their love is around! As crazy as it sounds, when a Gemini starts taking note of their surroundings and keeping a special person in sight, it’s an undeniable sign they’re in love.

13-Libra Look For Excuses To Be More Social

When it comes to love, Libras go out of their way to be involved in more social interactions. Sometimes this is due to their shy nature and they don’t want to stand out too much, but sometimes it’s a discreet cover so they can still hang out with the person they like without the pressure of things seeming like a date. While this laid-back move is a good start, a Libra needs to be careful! Too casual means your crush won’t recognize the vibes you’re trying to send their way and they might just assume you’re not interested at all! It’s okay to be more social while you secretly eye them up, but make sure to take the plunge and just dive in! Ask them out and see what happens!

12-Earth Signs Let Their Emotions Lead Them

Most people assume the term “down to earth” means a person has a good head on their shoulders, so it’s ironic that Earth signs let their emotions get the better of them sometimes. Of course, the reaction is dependent on the situation, but when it comes to love, Earth signs are as unstable as, well, the ground during an earthquake! The great thing about Earth signs is they’re not afraid to be themselves – even if it means releasing their inhibitions and choosing to go with the flow! Whatever direction their emotions take them is the road they’re going to walk! So be careful all you Earth signs! If you’re acting a little more emotional than usual, guaranteed you’re either in love or about to be!

11-Capricorn Get Restless

When Capricorns are in love, suddenly their mood is swinging all over the place! No matter what they try to do, even if it’s an activity they once loved, Capricorn realize they just can’t seem to settle down. They know, on a deep level, that something is going on and their bodies literally can’t stabilize long enough for them to think about it! When Capricorn fall in love, they can’t find joy in anything and they almost go through the same issues as people who suffer depression – they can’t “get into” activities they once loved, group events just make them feel empty and they struggle to get a good night’s sleep. These might sound like bad signs, but really they’re just a side effect of a Capricorn not making a move! You know you love someone, so make your life a lot easier by asking them out!

10-Taurus Isn’t His Or Herself

It’s easy to assume a Taurus would be just as confident when they’re in love as when they are literally any other time in their lives, but the surprising truth is love knocks a Taurus off their A-game. Where a once-confident person stood now stands a little Taurus wondering what’s going on. When they’re in love, they suddenly lose the most impressionable aspect of their personality and now they’re wondering what to do about it. Interestingly, they can’t fake it ’til they make it because everyone can see the change – and everyone knows exactly what’s up, except of course for the Taurus. For some reason, falling in love isn’t as straightforward for a Taurus as it is for literally every other sign. They struggle to understand their emotions and aren’t back to normal until they’ve either been dumped or that first date has been set!

9-Virgos Are Already Planning Their Wedding

Unlike their Taurus friends, Virgos know exactly when they’re in love. It’s undeniable because Virgo girls are the ones writing their first name and his last name and Virgo guys are the ones imagining what kind of bride she’ll make. Virgos are kind of like puffins – they prefer to mate for life, so when it comes to falling in love, they’re not looking at a temporary relationship, they’re looking for the real deal. They want to fall in love, have the perfect relationship, plan an amazing wedding and generally live a storybook ending together. This is why Virgos tend to know exactly what they want and when they want it – they’ve only been planning literally everything they can think to control their entire lives! The undeniable sign a Virgo is in love can be found in their topics of conversation: Weddings!

8-Fire Signs Feel The Passion

Fire signs are passionate when it comes to love (no surprise there, right?). They might not always care about the person beneath the clothing or pretty face, but they definitely respond to visual stimuli. Fire signs fall for anyone who attracts their attention and who fits their particular list of pros. For Fire sign men, women with full figures and enchanting smiles are their weakness, while Fire sign women are attracted to lean, muscular men with an exotic flair. Though the passion is mostly founded on physical attraction, that isn’t to say a Fire sign can’t fall for someone’s personality – because they definitely can and do! Fire signs just bump it up a notch and make sure the apple of their eye knows just how special they are.

7-Aries Get More Creative

Aries men and women fall in love easily and that love brings out their creative side. A painter will suddenly find their muse and get to work right away, a writer will randomly realize their characters need a bit of the same personality traits as their crush. Even the Aries person who isn’t involved in any of the arts will suddenly become more creative in how they tackle problems at work, managing their time and managing their life. There are many forms of creativity and an Aries in love is pretty good at finding most of them! What sparks this sudden rush of inspired thought? When an Aries is in love, their endorphins start kicking in and they’re on cloud nine all day long, which means they’re more patient, kinder, and more aware of simpler solutions to issues they thought were huge! What a great side effect!

6-Leo Sees Beyond Appearances

Leos may be a Fire sign but that doesn’t mean they smolder only for physical features. What makes a person attractive to a Leo is their personality. Their character makes all the difference to make an “okay” guy or girl suddenly appear hot or gorgeous to a Leo! While looks do play a factor in attraction, a Leo is smarter than the average bear – they know that ultimately they want to be with someone who is just as fun to interact with as they are to look at. What’s the point of dating a beautiful idiot? The next time you’re on the lookout for the perfect mate, take a page from Leo’s book and make sure the person you go for is just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

5-Sagittarius Go With Their Gut

Some signs definitely take the time to consider whether they’re really in love by analyzing facts and comparing their “symptoms” to others, but a Sagittarius isn’t about that life. A Sagittarius just goes with their basic instincts. This sometimes leads to horrible relationships that should never have been a thing, but it also gives a Sagittarius an opportunity to learn what to look for and what to stay away from! As a Sagittarius matures, they realize, on an unconscious level, what red flags to look for before they just throw themselves at a crush and make a relationship bloom out of thin air. They’re definitely passionate for the duration of the relationship but they don’t always have the brightest ideas. Don’t worry Sagittarius, just hang in there and the right person will come along!

4-Water Signs Initiate Intimacy

Water is often used as a sign of tranquility, peace, and life. Due to the peaceful symbol of water, it should come as no surprise to hear that water signs are amazing at initiating intimacy right from the start when they’re in love. Of course, the word “intimacy” has several definitions and degrees, so each water sign has their own way of going about it, but ultimately what a water sign wants is to relate to and understand their partner to the best of their ability. If that means they initiate touch, offer to communicate with their partner’s love language or take a page from a Fire sign’s book, then so be it – whatever it takes to make a relationship work and to fully understand their partner is a Water sign’s ultimate goal.

3-Cancer Can’t Stay Away

When a Cancer falls in love, they can’t help but be drawn to the person of their affections. This goes much deeper than it does for other signs because a Cancer wants to really understand who the other person is. Of course, the more they learn the more they fall in love and suddenly they’ve almost got a shrine of information about the person they love! While some can take it overboard by semi-stalking the person they like, most Cancer signs understand the importance of personal space and they respect their crush (and themselves) enough to never cross a line. All they really want is to hang out as often as possible and take their time easing into the relationship so both parties are comfortable with the pace.

2-Pisces Demand Attention

Unlike their fellow Water Sign, Cancer, a Pisces demands attention when they’re in love. They want their crush to look them in the eyes and offer up their full attention as often as possible. While a Pisces isn’t necessarily the goofball often portrayed in comedies, they’re certainly not going to pass up an opportunity to get their love to look at or talk to them! They’ll say wacky things or will outright ask their crush to talk to them. While nothing about this is necessarily good or bad, a Pisces definitely walks a fine line. They’re willing to do what it takes for attention, but they don’t always consider the cost. If you’re a Pisces, just make sure you’re not badgering your crush before you even have a chance to ask them out!

1-Scorpio Can’t Stop Daydreaming

When a Scorpio is in love, they can’t stop daydreaming about their crush. The daydreams can be anything from an imaginary conversation to a lifetime together, but unlike the Virgo, a Scorpio isn’t necessarily daydreaming about “forever.” For a Scorpio, “right now” is good enough. They’re not in a rush to settle down and they want to make sure that they had enough time to play the field and really get to know enough people before they try to find “the one.” While they’re not in a hurry to tie the knot, a Scorpio is still entertained by occasional thoughts of how their future would look with the other person as their leading man or woman. These daydreams are harmless and often bring out the best in a Scorpio, so dream big all you Scorpios! Dream big!


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