What Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Jealous About (His & Her)


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Everybody gets jealous in a relationship from time to time. Insecurities can be a challenge when it comes to trusting our partners. Some of us crave attention while others might demand more freedom. Some of us live for affection while someone else might prefer to have space. There are different levels of jealousy ranging from being suspicious all the time to ignoring any feelings of envy.

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Why do we all deal with our emotions in so many different ways? The answer can totally be found in the stars. Many people turn to their horoscope for answers and there is truth to be found in astrology. How you respond when you feel jealous is often influenced by astrology.

Perhaps you hide your feelings well and would never even admit it to yourself if you were envious. Maybe you love so deeply that you get possessive in a relationship. Some believe that our reactions to life’s struggles are predestined. Astrology can help you understand your emotions on a profound level. Discover your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to jealousy. The answers can be found in this list of what is each sign is most jealous of and why.

24-Aries Woman: Self-Doubt Drives You Crazy

You come across as totally self-sufficient since Aries women crave freedom. Yet, insecurities hide underneath all that superficial confidence. Self-doubt can get the best of you in a relationship and if you suspect that things aren’t going your way, you question what you did wrong. It’s all too easy for you to blame yourself when everything falls apart.

You get so jealous if your partner doesn’t show total loyalty. Since you’re super guarded, it’s rare that you let someone in, but once you do, they better be steadfast. You don’t linger in negativity for too long before you break things off.

23-Aries Man: You Get Jealous When You’re Not Dominant

When it comes to jealousy, an Aries man can be guarded if he isn’t the one in charge. You have a big personality and have to be the dominant one in a relationship. There are few people more opinionated than you and things don’t go well if your partner challenges your perspective constantly.

A guy like you oozes confidence and has a ton of energy, but it can get ugly if a partner tries to slow you down.

As long as you’re running the show, everything is fine in a relationship. Yet, if you feel even the slightest bit of envy, you’re out of there.

22-Taurus Woman: You Get Upset When He’s Not Affectionate

The Taurus woman is ruled by Venus, the Empress of love. This means that you crave affection and if your partner doesn’t attend to your needs, you can get jealous.

You are a super loyal girlfriend and expect anyone you’re with to have the same level of dedication to you.

It really isn’t in your nature to be suspicious but if someone does you wrong, you are quick to pull the plug. There’s not a lot of drama in your life because you aren’t afraid to shut someone out who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

21-Taurus Man: You Hate It When Your Thoughtfulness Isn’t Valued

The Taurus man is also ruled by Venus, so he tends to be very thoughtful when it comes to romance. You’re a hard worker and have an amazing work ethic. If your partner doesn’t appreciate your thoughtfulness, you tend to be threatened and can become envious of where their attention is going.

A guy like you can get so wrapped up in their occupation that it’s crucial for you to direct your focus toward your lover.

They just better acknowledge all of your hard work or you will move on without even thinking twice. Yet, with the right person, you make an awesome boyfriend.

20-Gemini Woman: You Get Jealous When He Doesn’t Communicate

The Gemini woman has a complex duality that lures others to her. On one side, you demand freedom but on the other side, you need reassurance. Since it’s so important to you to feel like you’re being heard, you can get really jealous if you feel like your partner isn’t supporting you.

If their attention is not focused on you, it’s all too easy for you to be envious of whatever may be distracting them from tending to your needs.

That being said, once you feel secure in a relationship, you totally commit yourself and are quick to forgive someone who is deserving of it.

19-Gemini Man: Your Guilty Conscience Causes Trouble

Let’s face it, the Gemini man can be quite confusing. You have plenty of emotional ups-and-downs that can leave your partner guessing. You’re a total flirt so chances are, if you’re feeling jealous, it’s because you’re the one that can’t be trusted.

Your guilty conscience can get the best of you and transform you into the green-eyed monster.

Your significant other better be prepared to give the attention you think you deserve or things can get tense. Although you crave independence, you like to be in a partnership, as long as they are willing to look beyond your flirty ways.

18-Cancer Woman: You Can’t Stand Being Taken For Granted

When a Cancer woman is in a relationship, she yearns to have constant contact with her lover or insecurities can take over. Trust is very important to you and if you feel secure with someone, you go all in. This can backfire if you feel like you’re being taken for granted because you can get totally jealous.

Couple that with your tendency to overthink things and you can be a bit of an envious mess.

No one can hold a grudge like you and you’ve been known to rehash past arguments. All of this makes you one of the most jealousy-prone signs.

17-Cancer Man: Your Neediness Makes You Green With Envy

You are intense and can give too much of yourself to those you love. This makes you come across as totally needy and it doesn’t take much for you to become jealous. Your sensitivity makes you rather fragile. Confidence is a challenge for you, so you tend to be passive in a relationship.

You’re emotional and require your partner to connect with you on a deeper level. The good news is, once you find a person that can match your intensity, you make a very attentive lover who is totally devoted.

You’re worth all the work it takes to keep you happy.

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16-Leo Woman: Your Inner Demons Make You Demanding

The Leo lady thrives on compliments. If your partner isn’t flattering you on a constant basis, your inner demons take over, and you get totally jealous. Respect is important to you and you require nothing less than complete adoration. When it comes to love, your partner better be prepared to worship you.

Since you’re so direct, you need a person that has thick skin. You’re not afraid to tell someone exactly what you need and expect them to meet your expectations.

A girl like you is so charming and fun that people are willing to put up with your envious ways.

15-Leo Man: You Need To Be In The Limelight Or You Get Jealous

You are a total show-off and if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough attention from your partner then you get very jealous. Your inflated self-confidence can overshadow your significant other so you need a partner that is secure in who they are. If you don’t feel appreciated then you can get demanding. Yet, once you’re in a secure relationship, you treat your lover with complete love and respect.

Underneath all that bravado is a really authentic person who craves love.

Let’s just say if a person is willing to feed your ego it could be a match made in heaven.

14-Virgo Woman: You’re Quick To Accuse Your Partner Of Wrong-Doing

Although you’re not a very jealous person, the Virgo woman can come across as needy. You’re a very sensitive soul that puts the happiness of others before your own. A girl like you is very self-sacrificing but it can make you look for problems that may not be there.

Your self-worth is contingent on getting approval, so you’ve been known to sell yourself short.

Once you set your sites on someone, devotion comes easy for you. Yet, if you suspect that someone is being unfaithful, you have no problem accusing your partner of something that they may not be guilty of.

13-Virgo Man: You Keep Score In A Relationship

Jealousy is an underlying trait of the Virgo man. You’re devoted when it comes to relationships but your neurotic nature means that you totally keep score. This means you’re very aware of your partner’s every move and can become accusatory.

You can smother your partner and are quick to remind them of wrong-doing, even if they’re innocent.

Yet, once you push through those tendencies, you love to engage in a meaningful relationship. Romance doesn’t come naturally to you so you tend to guard your heart. Yet, if someone is willing to prove their loyalty then you can let them in.

12-Libra Woman: You Act Passive-Aggressive When You’re Jealous

The Libra woman is so afraid of conflict that you’ll make snide comments if you feel jealousy coming on. There’s only one thing you hate more than conflict and that’s being alone. So, you might get a bit clingy and it can make envy bubble up. You want security in a relationship and that makes you demanding.

If you’re not getting constant attention, then you’re not afraid to say awful comments under your breath. Despite these insecurities, you can be an awesome girlfriend because you have a sense of adventure. If a partner is willing to validate you on a constant basis, you can be a lot of fun.

11-Libra Man: You Don’t Really Get Jealous-

The Libra man is yearning for romance so once he decides to be with someone, he doesn’t hold back. You are so attracted to making a connection that it takes a lot to ruffle your feathers. Jealousy isn’t really an issue with you. As a matter of fact, you struggle with a wandering eye sometimes.

You require plenty of attention, so it’s easy for you to move on if you feel like you’re being ignored.

Yet, you absolutely hate being alone so you’ll put up with a little bit of conflict to avoid spending your nights solo. You also feel a strong pull toward marriage.

10-Scorpio Woman: You Are So Possessive

You love fiercely and your partner better think twice about even looking at another girl. Once you’re with a person, they’re totally yours, and this possessive streak makes you prone to jealousy.

Your dedication is admirable, but your intensity can be a bit much. It takes a devoted partner to keep you happy.

You hold a grudge and are quick to give silent treatment if you feel threatened in any way. Yet, if your partner can handle going deeper, then a relationship with you is authentic and rewarding. Just don’t cross a Scorpio because that tail of yours can sting!

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9-Scorpio Man: You’re Always Suspicious

Your moodiness makes you totally suspicious all the time. The Scorpio man just can’t help himself. Your broodiness makes you hang back and observe problems that aren’t there. Even though you come across as totally confident, insecurities lurk beneath that mysterious aura. Your sensitivity makes you feel jealous of the slightest things.

If your partner only has eyes for you, then you make an incredible boyfriend who has no problem committing to someone. A relationship with you is authentic and you’d be hard pressed to find a sign that is more dedicated and loyal than a Scorpio.

8-Sagittarius Woman: You Hide Your Jealousy Well

You are so self-sufficient that you don’t really struggle with jealousy. Although, if someone does you wrong, it’s pretty much over, and you don’t look back. You totally thrive being on your own so you’re not going to stick around for someone who isn’t deserving of you. Since you get bored easily, your partner better not get too attached.

Independence is important to you, so you refuse to be stifled by a relationship. As long as you get the space that you need then you’re a fun girlfriend who is always up for an adventure. You are the least jealous of all the signs.

7-Sagittarius Man: You Don’t Let Envy Hold You Back

Sagittarius men don’t waste much time being jealous. Let’s face it, you can be honest to a fault. If you suspect something fishy is going on you just call a person out rather then let it fester. This can make a relationship with you a bit hard to handle.

Yet, if you’re with someone who can handle your directness, then you’re totally into it.

Much like your female counterpart, you like to have space so your partner better be able to give you the freedom you demand. Once all of these requirements are met you are a very loyal boyfriend.

6-Capricorn Woman: You Stew In Your Own Juices

The Capricorn woman doesn’t want to know if there’s a reason to be jealous. It’s easier just not to ask but this means that you often stew in your own juices if you suspect that something isn’t right in a relationship.

You’d much rather give your partner the benefit of the doubt and just trust that they’re being faithful to you.

If someone does hurt you then you don’t hesitate to cut them out of your life. Since you go all in when it comes to relationships, you’re prone to heartache and might have an internal struggle with trust issues.

5-Capricorn Man: You Suspect, But Don’t Accuse

You’re totally self-reliant so if you do find yourself feeling suspicious of a partner, you don’t say anything about it. It’s safer for you to bide your time and observe the situation.

However, the minute you find out someone is guilty of hurting you, they’re out of your life in a flash.

Communication is a challenge for you, so it takes you a bit to open up. If your partner betrays your trust, then you shut out the world, and lick your wounds in private. You’re so opinionated that no one can change your mind and you don’t ever give second chances.

4-Aquarius Woman: You Are The Queen Of Ghosting

You seem totally cool on the surface but underneath, you can be filled with jealousy and rage. Since you have a tendency to keep your feelings bottled up, you can be in danger of letting envy get the best of you. You just don’t want to bother other people with your problems but this can backfire in a big way.

Once you’re in a relationship, you’re a dedicated girlfriend that makes your significant other feel cared for and special. Yet, you crave adventure and can have a fear of boredom. If the relationship seems to be stalling out or they’re not into it, you’re the queen of ghosting.

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3-Aquarius Man: You Ignore Jealousy

The Aquarius man doesn’t handle his emotions very well. If he happens to feel jealous, then he just totally ignores the feeling.

There is no way you’re going to open up and even entertain the idea of being in touch with feelings of envy.

You don’t need anything from anybody and refuse to answer to a partner, much less talk to them about your insecurities. That being said, you value honesty once you are in a serious relationship. You expect your significant other to be flexible and give you enough space to sort out any jealousy on your own terms.

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2-Pisces Woman: You Get Jealous When He’s Emotionally Unavailable

A lady like you finds herself dealing with heartbreak because you’re so vulnerable. Jealousy seems like an ugly trait to you, so it’s hard for you to admit when you’re overcome with envy. You’d much rather try to be understanding than accusatory. Yet, you crave an emotional connection with your partner and feel threatened when they’re not tending to your needs.

If your significant other isn’t emotionally available, you stick it out anyway. Your willingness to forgive means that you give people the benefit of the doubt too quickly.

This level of sensitivity can make you come across as desperate at times.

1-Pisces Man: You Love Way Too Deeply

You love so deeply that it’s easy for you to become jealous. Although, you won’t say a word about it. The Pisces man would much rather smother his partner with love and hope for the best.

Since you lead with your heart and avoid confrontation, you struggle with vulnerability.

Your idealistic nature makes you put your partner on a pedestal, whether they deserve it or not. This can make feelings of envy creep up often but you don’t let that stop you from totally trusting your lover. You’re sweet and romantic to a fault. The good news is that you’re a devoted boyfriend.

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