The first time that you kiss someone is the best… and kind of the worst at the exact same time. You build up so much anticipation in your mind. What will it be like? Will it be amazing? Magical? Awkward? All of the above? Well, hopefully it won’t be awkward, but if it is, hopefully you’re with a hilarious guy who can make you laugh and calm you down ASAP. Those are the best kinds of guys.

So what kind of first kiss are you going to have with the new guy in your life? It’s all about your zodiac sign. Yup, like so many things, it’s all up to the stars and your sign can tell you what to expect. Which is a relief, right? There are enough things to worry about in a new relationship. You shouldn’t have to stress out about something as amazing as kissing. So chill out and find out what kind of first kiss you’ll have based on your zodiac sign.Continue scrolling to keep reading

15 Aquarius: A Kiss That Takes Forever To Happen

If this is your zodiac sign, then you can be on the shy side. When it comes to romance, you are said to love someone’s mind more than their body. You want to get to know someone and have a lot of serious conversations before finally kissing them.

People might think that you’ve waited way too long to share your first kiss with a new guy, but honestly, to you, it makes perfect sense. You can’t just kiss anyone. If you kiss someone too soon, you’re going to feel super awkward. It’s going to feel like kissing a stranger and that’s not your jam. Your BFF might be all, “OMG it took you and this guy forever to kiss” and you’ll just shrug. It won’t bother you at all. Because as soon as you kiss this person, it’ll be such a big relief and everything will be all good.

14 Pisces: Many First Kisses

Being a Pisces means that you’re going to date a lot of people and share a lot of first kisses with a lot of different people. You’re not someone who is necessarily going to find one person and really like them and think, “Cool, this is it.”

You’re very friendly and sensitive and you care a lot about people. No one would ever accuse you of being a jerk or treating anyone badly. You just wouldn’t. But at a certain point, you might get sick and tired of sharing so many first kisses with so many different people, and you might want to find that one special person who is yours and yours only. It’s not like that sucks. That’s basically the dream and the best thing ever.

13 Aries: An Epic French Kiss

You’re not a passive zodiac sign — it’s the opposite. You’re going to kiss whoever you want to kiss and it’s going to be an amazing French kiss since you can be a bit intense and you wouldn’t expect anything less. You tend to just go ahead and do what you want and act instead of spending too long thinking about it. Why would you worry when you can just take action?

French kissing is not the easiest thing in the world. It’s actually so much more difficult than most people probably think. You can’t use too much tongue or it’s the worst and it’s basically an art form in itself. Thankfully, you’re totally great at French kissing and this lucky guy is going to enjoy that a ton. Go you.

12 Taurus: A Make-Out Session

You won’t be content with just a first kiss. Nope. You’re a Taurus and so the physical part of a relationship is extremely important to you.

You’re going to want to have a super long make-out session with the person of your dreams. You’re a very sensual person who really likes being physically intimate with someone. It’s very meaningful to you. Once this guy makes a move and kisses you, or you make a move on him (because, hello, it’s 2017 and that’s totally and completely awesome), you’re not going to want to stop. So you won’t. It’s not like he’s going to hate the idea of making out with you. Yeah right. This is what he’s been thinking about since he first saw you (and you’ve been thinking about it too, of course).

11 Gemini: An Instant Connection

You have two parts of your personality and no one knows who you’re going to be today. That’s the blessing and curse of being a Gemini when you really stop and think about it.

You’re said to have a bit of trouble deciding who to choose as your romantic partner. That’s just who you are by nature. You’re going to kiss a lot of people because you won’t be sure how you feel about someone for a while. You’re not going to wait around to kiss someone that you like. You’ll just do it because you feel like you two have an instant connection. Then you’ll use the kiss to decide if you want to keep seeing them. It might sound kind of harsh because to you, a first kiss might make or break something, but hey, this is the way that you’re comfortable dating. And at the end of the day, you have to go with your comfort level. What else are you supposed to do?!

10 Cancer: On The First Date

Yup, if you’re a Cancer, then you absolutely kiss on the first date. You’re an emotional, sensitive person and you are basically a hopeless romantic. You think about kissing someone the very first moment that you meet them.

Honestly, this is a really cool thing about you, and you should never let anyone tell you that you should wait longer to kiss someone for the first time. Why do people care so much about what anyone does, anyway? It’s not like you’re hurting anyone. You’re just a very romantic person and that’s who you are. You might as well be yourself. Besides, if someone doesn’t want to kiss you on the first date, even if they’re nervous, then they might not be right for you. You can both be nervous because you’re in this together, right?

9 Leo: Super Passionate

You’re a strong, confident person who is full of passion. The first kiss that you share with someone that you’ve been dating for a bit is going to be the most epic, passionate thing ever.

It might even feel like something that’s straight out of a movie… and that’s something to be proud of. We always say that life isn’t anything like the movies and yet, come on, we all wish that it would be sometimes. That’s why we watch so many romantic comedies and swoon, right? If we weren’t into any of that romantic stuff, then we would hate those types of films and never watch them. And that’s definitely not the case. The guy who you choose to kiss is going to be super lucky because you’re clearly an amazing kisser.

8 Virgo: The Perfect First Kiss

You’re a perfectionist, very organized, and you always want things to be exactly right. That goes for everything in your life, including the first time that you kiss someone. It only makes sense that you want to kiss the new guy in your life for the first time and make it absolutely perfect.

Sure, being a perfectionist comes with its price, since you’re probably going to spend a lot of time worrying about the first kiss before it happens. You’re going to keep wondering if it’s going to be good and your mind will be full of worst case scenarios. Your best friends will try to cheer you up and calm you down and tell you that there’s literally nothing to worry about. Because there’s not. If you’re with the right guy, your first kiss will be perfect no matter what.

7 Libra: A Cautious Kiss

If you’re a Libra, then you probably already know that you’re a very cautious person. You don’t jump into things. Nope. You would never do that. You want to settle into things and make sure that you’re as comfortable as you can possibly be. Which is not as bad as you might think that it is.

You’re cautious about romantic relationships because you don’t want to get hurt and you need to feel like someone really cares about you. When you have your first kiss with someone, you’re not going to throw your entire body and soul into it — you’re going to be much more cautious than that. And that’s cool. Honestly. You might hate that you’re so worried about stuff and that you can’t just make a move or just act without thinking, but if that’s not you, then that’s fine. There’s no point wishing that you were someone else.

6 Scorpio: You’ll Make The First Move

As a Scorpio, a lot of people call you a hopeless romantic. It doesn’t bother you at all because, hey, that’s exactly what you are. You’re also very passionate and basically the best romantic partner ever.

You’re really into being in love and, therefore, you honestly have no problem making the first move. Your first kiss with a new guy will be all your doing. Of course he’ll be thrilled that you took it upon yourself to just get it done since he’ll probably be thinking about it for a while before it happens. You just love romance and kissing and everything about being one part of a couple, and that’s the way that it goes. It’s not your fault. It’s all your zodiac sign.

5 Sagittarius: At The End Of The Evening

As a Sagittarius, your favorite thing in the world is freedom. You absolutely need to feel free at all times. You don’t want to kiss someone at the beginning of the night or in the middle of it because if it’s awkward, then it’s weird for you to leave. You want to feel like you’re free to leave at any time.

Of course, kissing at the end of the evening is a super classic way to go. There’s really nothing wrong with playing it this way. The person that you’re kissing is going to be thrilled that you’re kissing them at all. Sure, there will probably be a ton of anticipation throughout the evening since you’re waiting until the very end of the night. But you’re cool with that. What can you say? Freedom is pretty much your middle name.

4 Capricorn: A Quick Peck On Your Porch/Front Door

You’re a traditional person so of course your first kiss would be super traditional, too. Your ideal first kiss with a new guy is to kiss at the end of the night on your front porch or outside your front door.

Sure, you might not live in a traditional house so maybe the front porch idea is out. But even if your guy walks you home to your apartment building or you’re leaving his apartment, it still counts. It’s still going to be amazing and it’s still going to be just as traditional and lovely as you want it to be. After all, as long as you’re kissing someone that you’re really into, what could be bad? It can’t be bad. It’s going to be the best thing ever, no matter what your zodiac sign is… but it does help to be prepared.

3 Earth Signs: Talking About It

Earth signs are Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. Earth signs are all very responsible and logical and, well, down to earth. What a surprise.

For these signs, a kiss is not just a kiss. It’s something to think about and even talk about. It’s not impossible that a Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus would talk to the person that they’re dating about kissing them. This might make things even better and more romantic, since they’ll both know that they want to kiss each other, and sometimes that’s half the battle. They might randomly bring up kissing or be sneaky and watch a lot of romantic movies with their new partner, and hope that they get the signal and make the first move. These earth signs will also talk about how good the first kiss was after, so there’s that, too.

2 Water Signs: A Really Big Deal

Water signs are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. The thing that they all have in common is that they are really in tune with their emotions. While that can be an amazing personality trait to have, especially since so many people can’t handle their feelings and even talk about them, it can make the first kiss kind of stressful.

Basically, water signs are all going to make the first kiss a really big deal. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to make it awkward or too much. It just means that they really care about the people that they date and if they’re kissing someone, they want to make sure that they have real feelings before kissing them. If this is you, then you’ve probably experienced the magic of an epic first kiss with someone that you’ve really gotten to know. It’s the best, right?

1 Air Signs: Spontaneous And Go With The Flow

Aquarius, Libra, and Libra are air signs. As you can probably tell from the whole “air” part, these signs like freedom. Therefore, their first kiss is going to be more of a go with the flow thing than some of the other signs.

Honestly, a kiss that just happens is really the greatest kind. Other signs (like Virgo…) might think that it’s a bit of a sneak attack and that being prepared for it might be so much better, but you don’t think of it that way if you’re an air sign. You’re cool with living in the moment and doing whatever feels right. After all, so much of life is rigid and planned. Why not have some fun, especially when you’re lucky enough to have met someone amazing?!


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