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What Sort Of Love Language To Use Based On Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

  When it comes to communicating your feelings to your significant other, it can sometimes feel like it’s a lot harder than it should be. If you love one another, then you love one another, right? Well, just because you’re feeling a certain way that doesn’t mean that your partner fully understands it or believes it. Oftentimes, if you want to express your feelings toward your partner in a way that they’ll understand, you’ll need to be speaking their personal love language. Pretty much all of us like to express and experience the caring of others in a certain way, and if you want to make your partner feel loved, then you simply need to know what makes them feel loved. So, if you’re trying to make sure that your significant other is feeling as much love from you as they can, what is the best love language to speak according to their zodiac sign?

Aries: Physical Touch

As the first sign in the zodiac, the Aries has always been known as a bit of an action-oriented trailblazer. Ariens are all about getting things done and wearing their thoughts and feelings on their sleeve. If you want to show them how you really feel, then you quite literally need to show them. As they always say, actions speak louder than words, and no zodiac sign hears those actions louder than the Aries. They’re bound to show you their affection physically and they will completely understand that physical affection in return, so don’t be afraid to physically express how you feel.

Taurus: Acts Of Service

Unsurprisingly, the earthbound and home-oriented Taurus has a tendency to express their feelings towards people in a way where they build up a comfortable environment for their loved ones. They’re always there with a helping hand as soon as they think someone needs them. Taureans behave in this way because they can think of no more obvious a demonstration of love than to give of oneself one’s time, and one’s energy. It only makes sense that, if you want to show your Taurus loved one that you care, then reciprocating that comforting and service-oriented behavior is the best way to do so.

Gemini: Words Of Affirmation

To some people, a Gemini can seem really all over the place. As an air sign, they are intellectually stimulated more than anything. Although those born under the sign of the twins might seem like they have two personalities sometimes, it’s actually more likely that they have about a million. Their minds move a mile a minute, and because of their natural duality, they can oftentimes question their own feelings and lines of thought. So then, the best way to make them feel truly cared for and understood is to eliminate those feelings of insecurity and give them words of affirmation.

Cancer: Words Of Affirmation

If Gemini is the sign of being intellectually all over the place, then Cancer is the sign of being emotionally all over the place. Cancers are very raw when it comes to their emotions, and it seems like their emotions can fluctuate faster than most people can even process their own emotions. They are extremely emotionally-invested in their relationships and want to feel like their partners are equally invested. So, if you want to absolve them of their natural emotional insecurities, then there is no better way to do that than to simply tell them how much you care.

Leo: Receiving Gifts

The Leo is most definitely a very proud lion, and it’s hard to miss how much they love to take pride in themselves and show off to others. Some people might interpret this pride as boastfulness, but the Leo really just wants to leave everything they love about themselves out in the open in the hopes that other people will love them too. If you want to add to those feelings of self-love, then showering them with giftsis a sure way to let them know that you really care. Although some might read those gifts as shallow, the Leo will sincerely and deeply appreciate them.

Virgo: Acts Of Service

Virgos are a naturally shy and reserved zodiac sign, often to the point that a lot of other people find them very hard to read. But in reality, the Virgo isn’t very difficult to read at all—they’re just the type of person to express themselves in any way besides their words. If a Virgo is doing nice things for you, then it’s a surefire sign that they genuinely care for you. If you want to let them know how much you care for them, too, then doing kind things in return is a guaranteed way to express yourself in a way they’ll totally appreciate.

Libra: Quality Time

Libra is another air sign that tends to be intellectually stimulated more than anything. They are generally the type of person who loves to spend hours sharing their thoughts with those that they care about and hear the thoughts of those that they care about in return. So then, if you’re romancing a Libra and you want to let them know how much you care for them, then giving them some quality personal time is the best way to do that. Taking a sincere interest in them is the highest compliment they feel they can receive.

Scorpio: Physical Touch

The Scorpio is notorious for being the most passionate zodiac sign out there. It should thus come as no surprise that, if you want to speak your Scorpio’s love language, then you need to express your feelings to them through physical touch. They consider physical closeness to be the greatest gift they can give or receive, and, frankly, when you’re physically involved with a Scorpio, they’re really the gift that keeps on giving. The intensity of the physical relationship between you and your Scorpio can seem truly limitless, and if you express yourself towards them physically, they’ll always know where you stand.

Sagittarius: Quality Time

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are natural-born travelers and adventurers, and to them, the most important aspect of life is the experiences that you can have in it. If you’re looking to make your Sagittarius partner feel loved and appreciated, then the best thing that you can give them is an experience. Whether or not that experience is the two of you doing something fun and exciting together or if it’s just the two of you spending time with one another, the easiest way to make your feelings clear to your Sagittarius mate is by giving them your quality time.

Capricorn: Receiving Gifts

Capricorns are a very reserved bunch who tend to hold back on sharing their emotions in a lot of the more traditional expressive ways. They’re not particularly comfortable with verbalizing their feelings, and as a sign that tends to place value on the corporeal, they’re the kind of person who will normally express their emotions toward someone by either being incredibly generous or astonishingly stingy towards them. But, if you decide to bestow some gifts on your Capricorn significant other, then they’ll know exactly what you’re trying to tell them. They will sincerely appreciate all of the thought behind the gifts.

Aquarius: Quality Time

To most people in the world, those born under the quirky sign of Aquarius can seem downright esoteric. Although their personal preferences might seem somewhat inscrutable, those preferences are actually much simpler than most people might think. Aquarians value thoughts and ideas over everything, and if you’re willing to simply pay attention to them, then they’ll be happy as a clam. They love to share their thoughts with you and they’re more than eager to hear yours, too. Just spending your time with them and enjoying each other’s company is the best and easiest way to express your love for them in a way they’ll understand.

Pisces: Words Of Affirmation

Pisces is another sign that is naturally very artistic and intuitive, and they place a very high value on feelings. They can also be a little suspicious of those that they can’t get a good reading on. Even though they are generally very good at reading people, it can do a world of good if you just flat-out tell them what you’re thinking and feeling. If they can feel confident in you and confident in your relationship, then it will also make them feel confident in themselves. This naturally romantic sign loves to hear how you really feel about them.



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