Some people start packing well in advance of a trip so they don’t forget anything. These people are most likely Virgos. Other signs, like Libras, might forget to pack their underwear. If you’re wondering what to pack on vacation, just know that every zodiac sign is likely to forget something different — and knowing what your sign is most likely to leave at home can help you prepare for the worst.

Turns out that earth signs tend to be the most organized, according to the website Spirit Now, so air, fire, and water babies, you’re all kind of out of luck. While I might look organized to outsiders as an air sign, that Friends episode where everyone breaks into Monica’s secret messy closet is a metaphor for my life. As a Libra, I like things to look organized, and because perception is reality, others think I am organized. However my friendlies, there is a very big difference. I once took a trip where I totally forgot to pack any bras or socks. Luckily these are things I could buy on my trip. But, other signs might forget things like their passports, which can be super annoying for uber-organized Earth signs who have already planned and timed every second of the trip. Wondering where you fall in the mix? This is the one travel essential you’re mostly likely to forget at home, based on your sign.

1Overwhelmed Aries Can’t Find Their Phone

Ambitious fire sign Aries has a tendency to start a million things at once, according to Spirit Now. This means that Aries might start packing, move on to something else, and eventually shove everything into their suitcase minutes before running out the door. When you’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to leave something obvious behind… like the phone that Aries has buried on the pile of clothes they’ve thrown out of their closet and onto their bed. Oops. On the upside, Aries could probably use a tech detox anyways.

2Taurus Is Most Likely To Get Something Confiscated

Known for being one of the most organized signs in the zodiac, Earth-sign Taurus is unlikely to forget anything. However, this sign often brings so much stuff that they can’t close their suitcase, according to Smarter Travel. The bull is also likely to try to bring something that’s not TSA approved, like that gadgety thing that has a Swiss army knife, a wine opener, and a nail file all in one. It’s OK, Taurus. Unless you’re trekking out into the wilderness, you can buy whatever got confiscated when you land.

3Gemini Might Bring Mismatched Shoes

Air-sign Gemini is the most disorganized sign in the zodiac, according to Spirit Now. This means that getting the twins out the door on time is a major accomplishment in itself. If they remember to pack everything it’s nothing short of a miracle. Smarter Travel recommends that Gemini get a super organized suitcase with lots of pockets for specific things so they can tick things off the list as the put them in the designated compartments. Otherwise, Gemini is likely to arrive in Miami Beach without a matching pair of shoes.

4Cancer Brings Stuff They Don’t Need

Water-baby Cancer sometimes forgets that the point of traveling is to get away from things at home, and the sentimental crab often tries to bring home with them. When Cancer is packing for a trip, it’s important that they consider whether or not they really need their childhood Teddy bear. And, because crabs love to bring home souvenirs from their travels, leaving some stuff at home ensures they’ll have room in their suitcase for more stuff they don’t actually need, but feel like they can’t live without.

5Leo Leaves Behind Bath Products

Because fire-sign Leo tends to be a bit of a last minute Lucy, they usually leave behind something obvious and important. Usually when people are packing in a hurry, then tend to leave things out that they plan to use right up until they walk out the door, like toothbrushes and bath and beauty products. This means that Leo may neglect to throw their makeup bag and toothbrush into their carry-on bag. The good news is that the lion can buy all of this stuff when they get to where they’re going, but it can be a costly error.

6If Virgo Forgets Something, It’s Not Their Fault

Earth-sign Virgo has organization skills to rival that of Taurus. A Virgo’s motto is generally “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” This means that because Virgo has a designated spot for everything, if they do forget an essential when packing for a trip, it’s because a less-organized sign moved it without telling them. Perhaps a Libra borrowed their mascara and didn’t put it back. It doesn’t occur to Virgo that the mascara wouldn’t be in the mascara spot, and they’ll end up bewildered and pissed once they realize that someone messed with their system.

7Libra Forgets To Bring Underwear

According to Spirit Now, “Libras tend to be disorganized within and organized without.” (This could not describe me more perfectly.) This air sign that craves balance is often an indecisive packer. By endlessly weighing all of their options for the outfits they plan to wear each day, it’s pretty easy for a Libra to overlook what goes underneath the clothes — underwear. Luckily for Libra, underwear can be purchased pretty much anywhere, or they can just spend a week going commando.

8Scorpio Brings All The Clothes; Forgets Their Passport

Water-sign Scorpio has an appetite for fashion that could put Carrie Bradshaw to shame, and when packing for a trip, they want to bring their entire closet. Because Scorpio is so focused on shoving the entire spring line into their suitcase, they tend to be less focused on the more important things they actually need, like their passport. This can result in Scorpio literally being all dressed up with nowhere to go. Before they start packing, Scorpio should get all of their important documents together and tuck them in their bag before cramming it with anything else.

9Sentimental Sagittarius Sometimes Forgets Money

Like Cancer, sentimental fire-sign Sagittarius wants to bring all of the things they hold near and dear, and this carefree sign can often overlook the more important packing essentials, like your credit and debit cards. While it’s nice to be able to flip through the scrapbook your mom made you in third grade while in the plane, if a Sagittarius forgets something as essential as money, it’s going to be a very short trip. To avoid this kind of calamity, the Sag should pack the important stuff first.

10Capricorn Forgets To Pack The Fun

Earth-sign Capricorn, the third sign in the zodiac’s uber-organized-Earth-sign trifecta, is a practical packer to the point that they might bring everything necessary for an emergency, and nothing essential for fun. “Decide whether you can get emergency items while you’re traveling and what the average cost would be,” Smarter Travel advised. “If it can be found easily for a reasonable price at your destination, there’s no need to waste room in your suitcase for something you only maybe might use.”

11Aquarius Forgets Anything That’s Not Written Down

If any sign in the zodiac needs a to-do list in order to remember everything, it’s airy Aquarius. A natural day dreamer, this sign will often to forget to do things that seem obvious to other more grounded signs. In order to successfully pack for a trip Aquarius needs a written to-do list that they can check off as they go. If they decide to forgo the list, Aquarius will likely forget more than half of what they need for their travels and have to resort to bumming off of friends, which can get old fast.

12Pisces Spaces On Plugs & Cords For Their Gadgets

Because the fish loves the latest gadgets, water-sign Pisces will try to shove as many beloved electronics as possible into their suitcase. However, in the their rush to make sure they’ll be plugged in, they might forget important things like cords, dongles, batteries, and adapters to make those items work. While having the latest tech gear is the bomb, Smarter Travel advised that Pieces evaluate which gadgets they really need to bring. After all, if you intend to be on your devices the entire trip, it’s a whole lot cheaper to just stay home.

The bottom line? Air, fire, and water signs should always travel with an Earth sign who can double check that they haven’t left home without their phone, passport, or underwear. Because, nine out of 12 signs almost always forget something.


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