Which Astro Signs Are The Marrying Type & Which Prefer To Fly Solo


In many cultures, marriage is seen as life’s biggest goal. In Hollywood and fairy tales, it’s synonymous with happily ever after. Millions of people spend their lives in pursuit of the perfect marriage, but there are also millions who don’t want a bit of it. Disney princesses and previous generations might find this difficult to believe, but marriage isn’t for everyone. Some people just aren’t the marrying type.

Whether or not you’ll live your best life as somebody’s spouse can come down to a lot of different factors, and one of them is your astro sign. After all, the signs in astrology are said to have their own specific likes, dislikes, and personality traits. While some signs were seemingly made for marriage, others tend to be more comfortable flying solo.

The sensitive and emotional water signs are among those who usually crave the perfect marriage, and similarly, the impassioned fire signs tend to desire that kind of love in their lives. The earth signs might crave commitment, but they have other goals besides marriage. And while the air signs love to settle down, they will not settle. Check out our list to find out whether your astro sign prefers to get hitched or stay single.

20-Libra: The Queen Of Marriage

Out of all the signs, Libra is the undisputed queen of marriage. This sign dreams about falling in love her whole life, and once she does, she wants to take it all the way.

Not only is Libra big on the idea of love, but she also tends to have more traditional values than the other air signs and is a bit of an idealist.

Marriage is something that she’s fantasized about for her whole life and the actual wedding that she has is usually quite a memorable event. Once she is married, Libra tends to feel fulfilled and at peace.

19-Cancer: Home Is Where Her Heart Is

Cancer is another sign that was made for marriage. Being a water sign, she’s quite sensitive and emotional, and romantic milestones are hugely important to her. Not only does Cancer love being in love, but she is also the sign that best fits into the traditional role of wife and mother.

Not that every woman who gets married has to turn into a housewife, but Cancer usually feels satisfied when she’s doing things like looking after her loved ones. She’s a natural nurturer and a homebody and feels the happiest when she’s got the stability of a commitment like marriage behind her.

18-Taurus: Stability And Loyalty Are Important To Her

Stability is one reason why many people crave marriage, and that’s the case with Taurus. This sign is incredibly loyal when it comes to being in a relationship and usually prefers to commit to someone and have them promise themselves to her rather than to keep her options open.

Being an earth sign, she values reliability, safety, and loyalty, and these are usually traits that are associated with marriage.

Even if Taurus doesn’t end up actually tying the knot, she usually prefers to have a long-term partner than a string of short and meaningless relationships. Routine is more important to her than spontaneity.

17-Aries: Once She Finds Her Soulmate, She Commits Forever

Aries isn’t exactly in a rush to settle down and get married, but she does desire marriage once she meets the love of her life. This fire sign tends to fall hard and fall fast, and when she does, she wants it all.

After meeting the right one, Aries can go from loving flying free and solo to wanting a house in the suburbs with three kids. But the idea of marriage itself isn’t that important to her—it’s more about building a life with her true love. That’s why she won’t just get married for the sake of it.

16-Pisces: She Loves The Idea Of Being In Love

Pisces is another natural-born lover. She craves connection and affection with other people and prefers to be in a relationship than be alone. Usually, she bounces from relationship to relationship because she loves building bonds with new people and having a companion at all times.

Marriage is often seen as the ultimate form of partnership connection, which is why it tends to be one of Pisces’ goals.

That said, she values the idea of love over marriage (since the two aren’t always interchangeable) and is happy to live with someone long-term without ever saying “I do” if that makes more sense.

15-Scorpio: She’s Loyal, But She Won’t Commit Until She’s Ready

When she’s in a relationship, Scorpio can be one of the most loyal signs in astrology. She has her partner’s back to the end and is faithful in all ways because that’s the most important aspect of a relationship to her. And she definitely expects the same in return.

But she isn’t necessarily in a rush to give her loyalty to someone. She makes people earn it, and prove that they’re worth her time and worth committing to. Scorpio would love the chance to be in a deep, meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage, but she won’t rush it.

14-Virgo: As Long As Her Standards Are Met, She Craves Companionship

Like many people, Virgo likes to have a companion by her side and appreciates support from a loved one. This sign often doubts herself and feels better when she has someone reminding her of all her good qualities.

That said, this is also the pickiest sign in astrology, and you better believe that she’s not going to settle down with just anybody.

Though she craves companionship, Virgo is quite independent, and would rather be alone than be with someone who doesn’t meet her standards and make her happy. She only plans on getting married once, and she doesn’t want it to be with the wrong person.

13-Leo: Marriage Is In The Cards, But Isn’t Urgent

For Leo, marriage is reasonably important, but it’s not the big climax of her life. Some people feel as though they were put on earth to fall in love and commit to another person forever, but Leo isn’t one of them.

She prefers not to take life so seriously and wants to make sure that she’s had all the fun she wants before she gets to the point of promising herself to someone else. If she ends up not getting married, it’s not the worst thing in the world for her like it would be for Cancer or Libra.

12-Gemini: She Doesn’t Like To Settle Down, Though She Has A Big Heart

Gemini loves falling in love and is not opposed to marriage, but something inside her really dislikes the concept of settling down.

She will get married as long as she’s sure that her life will carry on the same way that it did before.

This is one sign who likes to keep her life as exciting and spontaneous as possible, and just thinking about routines and doing the same thing with the same person every day for the rest of her existence gives her nightmares. She can commit herself to someone, but she has to design her married life according to what suits her, not tradition.

11-Capricorn: There Are Bigger Things On Her Mind Than Marriage

For Capricorn, marriage certainly isn’t the one and only goal. We won’t say that she’s against it entirely, and she can find happiness being somebody’s wife. But she generally has other things in her life that she prioritizes ahead of marriage.

For example, Capricorn tends to be passionate about her career and has a lot of big plans for that area of her life. If she could choose between having the career she wants and getting married, the choice definitely wouldn’t be as simple as it would be for Libra. Most of the time, she might get married if she meets her other goals first.

10-Sagittarius: She’s Not Really The Marrying Type

Sagittarius is one sign who tends to be more comfortable on her own than in a relationship. She loves freedom and having the option to come and go as she pleases.

She loves exploring the world, having new experiences, and making new discoveries.

Most of all, she loves not having to answer to someone else or cater to someone else instead of looking after herself. You could say she’s not really the marrying type. She’s not anti-marriage, but she’d never get married just to tick off a box. If she does get hitched, it will be because she’s fallen in true love.

9-Aquarius: She Prefers To Fly Solo

The sign who prefers to go solo rather than tie the knot is Aquarius. This air sign is the most independent in astrology and does not feel like she needs another person to complete her. She’s an innovative thinker and also sometimes questions the concept of marriage and whether it’s something she (or anybody) actually needs in her life.

It’s not impossible that she gets married one day, but like Sagittarius, she will always do it because she’s found the love of her life, not because she feels like she has to in order to be successful.

8-Fire Sign Ranking: Needs Love In Her Life

The fire signs might come across as outgoing, strong, and daring, but they can actually be quite soft on the inside and love having someone to love.

These signs crave affection, even if they don’t outwardly ask for it, so there’s a good chance that they’ll fall in love and get married.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all similar in that they don’t get married because they feel like it’s required of them to be successful in life, but because they find someone who ignites that fire within them. If marriage is the next step in their love lives, then they will take it.

7-Earth Sign Ranking: Craves Commitment, But Has Other Priorities Too

The earth signs are very attracted to one side of marriage, and that’s the safety and reliability of it. These ladies prefer to have someone who’s committed to them rather than not knowing what their future holds. At the same time, though, they aren’t desperate for marriage. Taurus craves that stability the most, and being such a sociable sign, loves having a companion for life. Virgo and Capricorn are a little more hesitant to get married and ensure that whoever they end up with meets their standards and enhances their lives. These signs don’t want to be stuck in a relationship that stops them from meeting their own goals.

6-Air Sign Ranking: Will Settle Down, But Won’t Settle

The air signs are usually happy to tie the knot, but they don’t like to be tied down and they certainly won’t settle for someone they don’t really love.

Even though an air sign might be at the top of our list, she still won’t get married unless she’s with the right one.

And funnily enough, an air sign also makes it to the bottom of our list, which shows the great variety of this particular element. Overall, these ladies make sure that they get married for the right reasons and that their life is a fairytale tailored to them.

5-Water Sign Ranking: Built For Marriage

Every little milestone in the world of romance is important to the water signs. Therefore, water signs are probably the most well-suited to marriage overall.

Cancer, in particular, feels as though marriage is something she has to do in her life, which makes her determined to find the right partner and tie the knot. Scorpio doesn’t rank it so high on her priorities list, but she does feel satisfied when she’s married to the right person and loves having the opportunity to show off how loyal she can be. Pisces was also made for being in a loving relationship, and most of the time, that includes marriage.

4-The Ideal Fire Spouse: Spontaneous And Energetic

The biggest factor in whether or not you get married is usually whether or not you find the right spouse who can actually make you happy. For the fire signs, that person is often someone who’s spontaneous, exciting, and full of energy.

The fire signs won’t do well with someone who likes to stay inside all the time and keep to themselves.

They need someone loud enough to hold their own in the relationship and passionate enough to ignite the fire. Since the fire signs love adventure and surprises, they’re also better off with some who’s got the energy to keep them entertained.

3-The Ideal Earth Spouse: Honest And Intelligent

For the earth signs, the ideal spouse is usually someone who is quite honest and intelligent. Because these ladies value safety and security over fun and excitement, they would rather be with someone who is honest and reliable rather than someone who takes them on spontaneous trips.

Intelligence is also a big deal for them, because they like to be with someone who takes initiative and is clever enough to work things out without having to have everything explained to them. The earth signs can be picky, but when they find the one, they’re ready to pursue them.

2-The Ideal Air Spouse: Carefree And Funny

The air signs love to laugh, and so their perfect spouse is someone who is funny with a good sense of humor.

These ladies tend to have shorter attention spans and can get bored more easily than the other signs in astrology, so it’s important that they’re with someone who always keeps them interested.

The air signs don’t like to take anything too seriously and like to flow through life without stressing too much, so they wouldn’t last with someone too controlling or neurotic. They’re the happiest when they find someone who is carefree and easygoing, just like them.

1-The Ideal Water Spouse: Sensitive And Understanding

The water signs are hungry for a deep emotional connection with their partners. They are usually the happiest when they end up with someone who is sensitive and understanding.

These signs are prone to emotional outbursts from time to time, so they need to be with someone who can withstand that and understand what’s going on in their heads rather than judging them when they lose control. Since the water signs are a little sensitive, they’re also better off with someone who shares at least a little bit of that sensitivity too. That way, there will be no harsh words or hurt feelings.


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