Who Is Most Likely To Sabotage The Relationship


Sometimes in the game of love, we are our own worst enemies. We let our insecurities take hold of us and we act in ways that scare off our partners, totally sabotaging a relationship that might have had a lot of potential. Though it’s frustrating to be the one ruining your own relationships, the silver lining lies in the fact that you have control over the situation, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

As long as you’re the one doing the sabotaging, you can be the one to stop. The trick is learning to identify what you’re doing to tear down the relationship, and having enough discipline to stop.

It might be challenging, but you don’t have to be doomed to sabotage your own relationships forever, even if you have a predisposition to being a romance saboteur. All it takes is some self-awareness and a little practice! The first step is knowing what you do to help mess it all up.

The signs in astrology tend to have their own ways of ruining their love lives that they might not even realize until they have a string of unsuccessful relationships under their belt. Some signs are less likely to sabotage than others, so check out this list to find out where you fall!

20-Libra: The Least Likely To Sabotage Her Own Relationship

Congrats if you’re a Libra! This air sign is the least likely to sabotage the relationship she’s in! Libra is also known as the lover in astrology and cherishes the relationships she has. She takes great care to be good to her partner and make them happy, and she closely monitors her own behavior. Most people find this sign very easy to be with because she’s so accommodating and goes to so much effort to make it work. That’s mostly because she’s a bit of an idealist and a bit of a romantic, and loves the idea of living happily ever after with her true love.

19-Taurus: She Makes One Of The Best Partners Of All

Taurus makes one of the best partners in astrology and there isn’t a huge chance of her ruining her own relationship. While anything is possible, Taurus is an agreeable and sociable sign who likes to make things easy for others.

She goes with the flow and is fun to hang out with, so people don’t usually get sick of her.

From time to time, her inner bull can come out and she can be a little bit stubborn, but she usually moves past that to make the relationship work. It takes her some time to swallow her pride, but she can usually do it for the sake of her partner.

18-Pisces: She Understands Her Partner’s Feelings

Pisces is another water sign who loves being in love and who tries hard not to ruin the relationships that come into her life. She’s not perfect, but she does try her best! Most people find this emotional sign incredibly satisfying to be in love with because she’s so sensitive, caring, and nurturing. Pisces is incredibly intuitive and empathic, meaning that she understands her partner’s feelings and where they’re coming from. Because of this, she’s able to detect when she is doing something that’s hurting the relationship and put a stop to it before any real damage is done.

17-The Fire Signs Sabotage By Scaring Their Partners Off

Everybody is capable of damaging their own relationships, even if the chances of that happening aren’t very high. So how do the fire signs sabotage?

Thanks to their strong personalities and their impulsive decision-making, they can scare their partners off.

They do this by saying the first thing that pops into their heads, even if it’s offensive, lashing out when they’re angry, and being too pushy with their partners. They can be intense partners to be with, since they’re naturally quite loud (and a little tactless sometimes) and are better suited to those who don’t feel intimidated by them.

16-Cancer: Relationships Mean Everything To Her

While some signs prefer to stay single than be in a relationship, Cancer lives her life for love. She’s at her happiest when she’s got someone special by her side and finds fulfillment in making others happy. At her core, this is a very selfless and compassionate sign with a lot of love to give.

It’s safe to say that she’s not very likely to sabotage her own relationship, and if she does, she’ll do whatever she can to fix it.

Losing a relationship is a lot harder for her than it is for other signs, so she’ll try very hard to avoid getting to that point.

15-Aries: Normally, She Puts All She’s Got Into A Relationship

Aries is one of the signs that’s not as likely to ruin her own relationship. She’s by no means perfect, but when she commits to someone, she intends for it to stick. And like anything in her life, she puts her all into making it work. Even when she does make mistakes and slip up, she’ll try to rectify them as soon as she notices. Aries doesn’t like to fail at anything, and that includes relationships. She’ll try a lot harder than most people would to make a struggling relationship survive, just so she can show herself that she’s a winner.

14-Leo: If Her Head Gets Too Big, She Could Outgrow The Relationship

In most cases, Leo is a caring and affectionate partner. When she does sabotage her own relationship, it’s because she starts taking her partner for granted. Imagine Leo as Beyoncé singing Irreplaceable—she can have another you in a minute.

The minute she treats her partner like they’re replaceable and forgets to reply to their texts or flirts with other people, her relationship starts to come undone at the seams.

She doesn’t always mean to disrespect her partner like this, but sometimes she gets a little too big for her boots and focuses on having fun instead of her loyalty to her partner.

13-The Earth Signs Sabotage By Chasing Control

The earth signs tend to sabotage their relationships in a different way. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn like to be in control of everything in their lives, and their unwillingness to relinquish control can cause a lot of strain in their relationships. Now, some earth signs are better at this than others, but they can all learn to let things go and accept things the way they are with a little practice. Their relationships have a higher chance of surviving if they’re with someone who understands that they want to control things, and maybe even likes that about them.

12-Gemini: She Could Lose Her Love Through Carelessness

At times, Gemini can be a bit of a scatterbrain. She always has the best intentions and never wants to do anybody any harm (except maybe people who try to compete with her!), but sometimes she can hurt people’s feelings because she doesn’t think her words and actions through. That’s the case with her love life, and that’s how she sabotages her own relationships without intending to. She might forget about anniversaries and dates, bail on her commitments and spend weekend after weekend partying instead of spending time with her partner. It’s all quite innocent, but it tends to rub her partner the wrong way.

11-Capricorn: A Relationship Needs More Attention Than She’s Prepared To Give

When Capricorn sabotages her own relationship, it’s usually because she gets involved without fully understanding just how much work goes into these things. Capricorn isn’t afraid of hard work, but she works herself into the ground in just about every other area of her life.

10-Virgo: Her Constant Worrying Could Scare Off Her Partner

Virgo second-guesses herself in just about every area of life, and her confidence never fully reflects her capabilities. She makes a habit of worrying about things that she really doesn’t need to worry about, and in the context of a relationship, that can be quite exhausting for a partner. Even though things might be going really well in her love life, she’ll stress about them and try to fix them. You can’t blame her—being a perfectionist is a full-time job! It’s not for everyone, though, and her partner might soon get fed up with the constant worrying.

Her love life is one place in which she wants to be able to put her feet up.

The problem is her partner can feel like she doesn’t care enough, and the relationship is a one-way street, especially if they’re doing all the work and she’s just cruising through. To make it work, she has to give her partner more attention.

9-The Air Signs Sabotage By Being Careless

One thing the air signs have in common is that none of them are careful planners.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius all have a carefree, easy-going approach to life that is beneficial in a lot of ways, but it can also make them a little careless.

The air signs are more likely to forget important dates, say offensive things to their partners without realizing they’re offensive, and lose track of time than other signs in astrology, and those behaviors can sometimes get them in trouble. Though their carelessness sometimes leads to the demise of their relationship, the air signs still make great partners.

8-Sagittarius: She Feels More Comfortable Single

Sagittarius is another sign who has a tendency of being her own worst enemy when it comes to dating. This bubbly, optimistic sign is usually so loveable that people don’t leave her until they’re driven to the end of their tether, and if she’s not careful, she can drive them there.

The thing is Sagittarius usually prefers to be alone than in a relationship, which she views as confining.

Even when she’s found a great relationship that’s good for her, she thinks as a singleton and makes a lot of decisions based on that, which can leave her partner feeling left out and resentful.

7-Scorpio: She Won’t Intend To Ruin Things, But She Might

Scorpio doesn’t actually set out to ruin her relationships, but if she’s not careful, that could happen. This water sign has a strong personality and although there are many benefits to being in a relationship with her, she’s not the easiest person for everyone to be in a relationship with. She’s super loyal, loving and caring, but at times, she can get pretty jealous without intending to. Though her feelings of envy come from a good place, they can really upset her partner and do serious harm to the relationship. Scorpio also has a habit of telling it like it is, which can be confronting for sensitive people.

6-Aquarius: The Most Likely To Sabotage Her Own Relationship

Bad news, Aquarius gals! It looks like this air sign is the most likely to sabotage her own relationship. That doesn’t mean that she’s doomed to be unhappy forever; just that she can bring her own relationship down from the inside out if she’s not careful.

This sign has a tendency to be quite aloof without realizing it and can come across as distant and emotionally unavailable.

Those are two traits which might give any partner the wrong idea. She also values her independence (which isn’t a bad thing), and would rather be by herself than be with someone who cramps her style.

5-The Water Signs Sabotage By Getting Too Emotional

The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—are without question the most emotional signs in astrology. They’re even more emotional than the fire signs! This has both positive effects and negative effects on their relationships. While their being emotional allows them to open up to their partners and understand them better, it also makes them irrational every now and then, which can cause complications in the relationship. The water signs are more likely to get really offended by little things and spin out of control when the relationship gets challenging because they feel everything more intensely than other signs.

Now Here’s Why They’re Worth It

4-The Fire Signs Are Worth It Because They’re Passionate, Generous Souls

All the signs have their downsides, but in their own individual ways, they’ll be worth it to the right partner. When it comes to the fire signs, these ladies might be feisty and have a lot of nerve, but they’re also incredibly generous.

There’s nothing they won’t give to make their partners happy and are the most hospitable and welcoming signs in astrology.

Plus, all that passion can be a good thing too. They blow up when they’re angry, but they also sweep their lovers off their feet. Relationships with the fire signs are full of spontaneity and excitement.

3-The Earth Signs Are Worth It Because Their Loyalty Is Unmatched

For those who value loyalty in a relationship, it just doesn’t get better than an earth sign. These gals have some flaws, but when they make a promise, they see it through to the end. They’re the most reliable signs in astrology, and their partners can count on them for just about anything. Their memories are fantastic and they are always, always there when they say they’re going to be there. They keep secrets, honor promises, and are the most unlikely to be unfaithful. Loyalty is hard to come by these days, but the earth signs have an abundance of it.

2-The Air Signs Are Worth It Because They Give Their Partners Freedom

The air signs make such amazing partners because they are easy-going, tolerant, and give their partners freedom to be themselves and lead their own lives.

At times the air signs can be careless or forgetful, but they aren’t demanding or pushy like other signs can be.

They aren’t judgmental or possessive, and don’t try to dictate to their partners what they can and can’t do. Though they can be competitive, these signs aren’t likely to get jealous or obsessive. They like everything in life to be drama dree and easy, and that’s the attitude they bring to their relationships.

1-The Water Signs Are Worth It Because Their Love Is Unconditional

Many people desire a love that is accepting and unconditional, and that’s the exact kind of love you get when you’re in a relationship with a water sign. These gals are led by their hearts instead of their heads, so when they love someone, it overpowers everything else. Though someone might not tick all their boxes and might not be good enough for them in theory, they forget about all of that and focus on how strong their feelings are. These signs are understanding and accepting, and approach their relationships with compassion. They always want their partners to just be themselves.


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