Why Do Men Love Beautiful Women



With this article, given the beginning of a new heading – ” Men’s secrets . ” In it, I will publish the most interesting men’s secrets that are unknown or little known to readers of the blog (at least I will think so).

I also think to open the section “ Women’s secrets ”, to share there interesting things that I began to notice from my girlfriend and other female representatives.

“I want love crazy and happy” and let her be here .

So let’s start: so why do men love beautiful women?

Men love eyes

I think this applies not only to men, but still: appearance , in my opinion, a kind of ” advertising goods “. Agree, buying a magazine for the first time, you look at the cover, do not know how others do, but if the cover is awful, this fact can completely change my attitude to it. Let super ingenious things be written there, but I honestly don’t even want to open it . Only curiosity and advertising of other people would make me study it more carefully.

To open a magazine is one thing; after the cover, the content is important: after all, you can just flip through and throw it away, but the really good hunt is to re-read again and again, from cover to cover .
In my opinion, every girl should do everything to be “read” , wanted to learn more and more about her, and with each new reading, they “forced” to read again, rather than leaf through, skipping all the necessary “trivia” .

A woman should be interested in appearance, so that a man would like to know about her inner “content”, in turn, a woman “inside” should be no worse than externally.

Yes, maybe the comparison of the woman with the “paper goods” is not quite correct, but still, it is from my appearance that all my actions depend on my first meeting.
If I think that the girl is beautiful to me, I will treat her with anxiety, a quivering feeling or something, as if wanting to keep, the attitude becomes cautious. But, if a girl is “terrible”, then the feeling of superiority can make people not afraid to do anything with her. Because the thought arises: “I will not lose anything anyway.”

Beauty is a relative concept.

You need to know: we are all beautiful compared to someone, we are also terrible for someone. Everyone has their own taste and it is impossible to accurately describe a beautiful person.
Sometimes it is true love that makes a simple person the most beautiful in the world , and, both her and his.

“A beautiful wife is someone else’s wife”

Sometimes, men themselves can not decide who is more beautiful for them. For example, some young people say and are confident that they have found a truly beautiful girl , and then, as they spend some time in a relationship with her, they begin to look at others. For them, for example, a strange girl seems more beautiful, although he used to think the opposite.

I think this happens because some people simply get bored with their appearance.

Girls, if you want to maintain relationships , there is a way out in this situation: sometimes you have to try to change your appearance, surprise your boyfriend, feel his true desires and present them in your appearance so that he doesn’t even have doubts that you are the most beautiful girl.
This applies only to those girls whose boy began to look at others, because quite a few men love those women who fell in love with the look they had when they started developing love.

“A girl should also be a decoration”

Another factor in why men love beautiful women.

A man wants the environment of beautiful women, so he was not ashamed to be among others.

My opinion is this: why do I
need a girl with whom I would be ashamed to go “into the light.” [Ad # content] Why do I feel uncomfortable. Of course, if true love is present, it doesn’t matter. Despite the feelings, discomfort may still be present …

And for some men, the presentable appearance of a woman is much more important than her ability to cook, wash, etc. It is important to them what I think business partners, colleagues, etc., because if a beautiful girl is next to a man, then he has achieved a lot (many people think so).

I do not agree with this conclusion, because a kind of “beautiful” girls can “peck” on the money of men, which he received by inheritance. He himself did not achieve anything, but can enjoy the respect of the company. Yes, and no feelings can be talked about, such pairs have everything on the market: they have bought, they have sold what they need to each other. But true feelings, love – impossible to buy .


I want to summarize: I’m not saying that a woman should be beautiful, but she should take care of herself : it’s not necessarily the use of tons of cosmetics, tanning beds, etc. The main thing to feel, understand the taste of the beloved man and try to be such.

Do not forget: a man can love a girl the way she is. But in this article I tried to express my opinion not on this, but just thought about the topic: “ Why do men prefer beautiful women? “. I meant most men …

No matter what I say, I am sure that beauty is one of the most important factors in choosing a woman (girl).


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