Why Pisces Is The Most Difficult Sign Of The Zodiac To Understand


Pisces is a wonderful, well-mannered, caring zodiac sign, but many people misunderstand these vulnerable people. This is why Pisces is the most difficult sign to understand …

Pisces are rich in imagination, very emotional, and even representatives of this sign are distinguished by secrecy. These are gentle, loving, caring people with a “golden heart”, but with all this, they are often the victim of their own conflicting emotions and thoughts. They live in their dreams and fantasies and love to move away from reality, preferring to study their deep inner world. Fish, of course, is a sign of dreamers, and they are also endowed with a strong creative streak.

However, they often feel misunderstood by the people around them and can easily become depressed if they feel that their voice has not been heard.
Fish certainly have something to offer the world. And we all could learn a lot from the representatives of this sign, who have tremendous intuitive power, of course, if we would try to understand them.

Why fish is the most difficult to understand zodiac sign:

They keep a big mystery in themselves

They certainly want people to hear them, but often they don’t have enough words to express their feelings and desires. Most of the time they live in their own world, which complicates the process of establishing contact with them. The fish will certainly open, in the end, you just need to give them a little time. Just treat them with love, respect and understanding, and the reward for this will be their trust, which you will gain as soon as possible. It must be understood that their sensitive nature is often defeated in the prose of life, which makes them find solace in dreams and creativity.

Talk to them about art, the game of imagination, or some other creative process, and you will see how they come to life and will happily enter into a conversation!

Fish love to run away from reality

Fishes can quickly lose interest in the modern world, because they can’t obey its rules. They are not able for a long time to maintain the pace at which the rest of the world is moving, so at any opportunity they try to escape into the world of their own thoughts and dreams, where they feel very comfortable.  Fish do not want to seem indifferent or coarse, but the world around them greatly tires them and deprives them of inspiration. If you understand this, it will become much easier to perceive those moments when your fish friends go into the world of their fantasies.


They want to be closer to people, but afraid to get psychological trauma

The thing is that fish are responsible and caring creatures, and people often use their kindness. They want a close relationship, but since they had to burn very badly in the past, they cannot afford to open up to the end, for fear of being hurt again. But if you are sensitive enough, then you will have a chance to discover the whole beauty of relations with them, whether romantic or friendly.

They cannot hide their feelings

Pisces are very emotional creatures that are ready to give their chosen one or chosen one their whole heart. Their extreme amorousness easily turns into psychological trauma.  At the same time, they try to see the best in people even after they have been hurt. However, if you do something bad to them, they will forgive but not forget. Fish have too high expectations of relationships, which often leads to subsequent disappointment. They want to believe in the best in people, but having burned themselves so many times, they begin to realize that their patience and hopes are beginning to melt.

They need loneliness

Fish easily absorb all the negativity of the modern world, and then they need a lot of time to remove all the accumulated negative energy from themselves. However, at the same time, they are waiting for support, assistance and love from loved ones, so they need a healthy balance between loneliness and communication with other people. It doesn’t matter who you come to Fish, the other or the other half, never let it go too far from you. In the end, the fish cannot survive without a relationship, but they also cannot imagine their life without loneliness. Respect their need to be alone with yourself, and remind them that you will always be there, and that will make them truly happy.

They are very independent

Pisces love close relationships, but inherently, it is always easier for them to act alone. Often they expect too much from the relationship, and they just need some time to relax and focus on what makes them happy. They do not want to distance themselves from others, but sometimes they simply do not have enough strength to maintain a relationship with someone, but people do not understand this and take it on their own account. They do not like to rely on others and prefer to use their strength and resources to get what they need.


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