Your Best Love And Best Friend Based On Your Zodiac Signs

  The zodiacs give us a lot of great information when it comes to our personalities, our love lives, our friendships, our careers, and our future. We can choose to believe it or not, but the fact is that it can help us feel better or give us a little peace or patience to allow our lives to get to the places that we need them to be. When we think of our true love or our best friend, is it opposites attract type of relationship? Do you think you tend to gravitate toward people that are similar to you in personality? Did you– or will you– fall in love with someone that you have a lot in common with or will it be someone that the stars say you connect deeply with? Maybe you’ll have no control over it, after all. Below, we study the zodiac signs, each one, and decide exactly what other sign is the best love and the best friend for them. Do we think the water signs– Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces– will be the best friends for each other due to their similarities or would it make more sense for opposites to attract? Will a grounded Taurus be the perfect match for the adventurous Sagittarius? Will an abrasive Aries actually connect with an introverted Virgo? Read on to find out what your dynamic duo is!

24-Pisces’ Best Love: Pisces, Of Course

The best love for a Pisces isn’t the other water signs, which is what many would think. A Scorpio isn’t the best love for a Pisces because they can get jealous and possessive, not allowing the Pisces’ loyalty and dedication to shine through. A Cancer isn’t the best love for a Pisces because they also can get too jealous and can be very manipulative, cutting down a Pisces. No, the best love for a Pisces is in fact a Pisces! They are both sensitive, so they can understand each other. They are both romantic, so they are constantly showered and reassured– because they can get insecure and doubtful themselves. They allow the other to be indecisive, but not to the point of annoyance. It’s the perfect match!

23-Pisces’ Best Friend: Scorpio, The Emotional & Selfless Twin

A Scorpio is the perfect best friend for a Pisces. Yes, a Cancer would not be close behind. However, there is one major difference that makes a Scorpio just slightly better as a friend for a Pisces. A Cancer girl is, well, selfish… too selfish to be that good of a best friend. She can’t separate her own security from that of her friend’s… and sometimes those lines get blurred. A Scorpio is passionate, honest, and sincere. A Pisces needs this because they can get lost in their own thoughts. A Pisces also needs a best friend that will be just as dedicated to them as they are to their friends. Lastly, the Pisces and Scorpio give each other confidence, so they can truly be themselves together.

22-Aries’ Best Love: Super Fun Sagittarius

An Aries is so independent and self-sufficient that they will convince you that they don’t need you. In addition to that, it is really hard for them to keep their mouth shut. They are blunt and direct, sometimes in  a bad way. So, when they disagree with you, you’re going to know it. For this reason, an Aries’ best love is a light and breezy Sagittarius. Why? That is because a Sagittarius is fun-loving; they don’t let any unkind words get the best of them, even if they may hurt. They can let it roll off their back and re-focus on their true love’s truly great traits. Further, a Sag is adventurous and carefree, allowing an Aries to let go of that slight uptightness they feel often. It’s the perfect match!

21-Aries’ Best Friend: Casual, Cool Gemini

An Aries’ perfect best friend has to be someone who is cool and casual, similar to that of the Sagittarius. Instead of that Sag, the perfect best friend for an Aries is a Gemini. Here is why. Gemini girls are balanced, which helps an Aries because they just really are not. Gemini girls are charismatic, too, and even though they can be moody, this charismatic and nonchalant way about them makes for a good balance for the uptight and critical (at times) Aries. A Gemini helps the Aries girl take it down a notch and let loose. Gemini women and Aries girls are also great friends because they are both pretty intelligent. They can easily carry a conversation and connect through their independence and enthusiasm, even if different things make them excited.

20-A Taurus’s Best Love: Dedicated & Sensual Scorpio

A Taurus is an incredibly grounded sign. They know exactly what they want. They know the difference between right and wrong, even though that may not always shine through in their younger years (hey, we’re all human– and learning!). The perfect love for a Taurus girl is a Scorpio because they can counteract a lot of bad habits, while complementing and accenting the good ones for each other. A Scorpio is incredibly sensual and passionate and, even though a Taurus isn’t as passionate, a Taurus is equally as sensual and in tune with their romantic side. This bodes well for their relationship. They are also both very good at dedicating and sticking to commitments. They both have some anger issues, so it might be rocky in the beginning, but they’ll be in the clear if they can get through that.

19-A Taurus’s Best Friend: The Down-to-Earth Capricorn Counterpart

For a Taurus, the best friend for them has got to be a Capricorn! Both Capricorns and Taurus girls are down-to-earth and fiercely independent. They have incredible knowledge on many things. That’s what makes these two peas in a pod great! They are also both responsible, so one won’t ever pressure the other to do something they won’t want to. If they do, they’ll absolutely have each other’s back, too. Their patience with each other is unmistakable. You’ll never see them fighting, at odds, or arguing over something petty. They’ll always respect each other. Sometimes a Taurus’ temper can get in the way, but it won’t ever last too long. A Capricorn is also a little more introverted, so they make a good yin and yang in social situations: the bold and brave one and the cute and shy one. Perfect!

18-Gemini’s Best Love: A Cancer Cutie

For a Gemini, a great love would be someone that balances them well. It would have to be someone that can deal with their mood swings. It would have to be a person that is equally as charismatic and intelligent because jealousy and manipulative ways just won’t make for a lasting relationship. A Cancer girl is a perfect love for the Gemini for these reasons. A Gemini needs someone that understands their mood; a Cancer is equally moody and not always rationally emotional. A Cancer will also understand a Gemini’s natural charisma because Cancers are so social and so open. They can also carry a conversation incredibly well together or in a social setting. A Gemini’s confidence will be great for a Cancer and a Cancer’s lack of complete security will be good for a Gemini to reassure!

17-Gemini’s Best Friend: The Equally Charismatic Sag Girl

Once again, charisma strikes. The Gemini’s best friend that is perfect for them in friendship is the Sag girl! A Sagittarius is adventurous. She is also really fun even when there are no adventures to be had! They are both so well-rounded and confident in their ability to bond with people that they will completely bond with each other. A Sag is an incredible friend, too. She loves to be dedicated to everyone she is close with, even though she can get distracted easily. A Gemini is the same, even though she can take that dedication and turn it into slight curiosity, which then turns into nosiness if she isn’t careful! In short, their charisma is contagious and they feed off of one another, creating a bond unlike many others.

16-Cancer’s Best Love: The Grounded Virgo

A Cancer needs a lot of attention and reassurance. If she gets that, she will be a woman with great confidence. If she doesn’t, however, she will struggle in a relationship with pretty much anybody. That’s why the best love for her is a Virgo. Virgos can be critical and impatient, but for the most part, they are the most grounded and practical sign. When a Cancer girl is being irrational, a Virgo can talk her down and talk her back to reality. When a Cancer girl is having a little too much fun (that charisma!), a Virgo knows exactly how to keep her safe while still being kind and patient with her. A Cancer can get lost in the clouds and a Virgo will be totally fine with that– and know when to bring them back down to the safety and security of the ground.

15-Cancer’s Best Friend: A Pisces, Pals For Life

These Cancer girls need a lot of reassurance in friendships, too. Similar to that of a relationship, if they have a friendship in which they feel confident, they will absolutely be confident, allowing Cancers to grow closer to that person in a bonding way. For a Cancer, a Pisces is just that person. Pisces girls can understand a Cancer’s deep emotional qualities because she is just as emotional and sensitive. A Pisces girl can also understand their imagination and idealistic tendencies because a Pisces can get just as lost in the clouds as a Cancer. Their similarities are key, here. The difference is a Pisces is slightly more confident at times, so she can be more focused on her best friend Cancer than Cancer necessarily can be for the Pisces.

14-Leo’s Best Love: Capricorn Strikes Again

A Leo girl has a difficult time falling fully in love. This is for a few reasons. She often needs to, or prefers to, have control of any situation. Leo girls also easily have confrontation due to their confidence in their knowledge and their actions. If someone challenges them, they don’t like it and they will let you know! This is why a cool, low-key, and down-to-earth Capricorn is perfect. Capricorns will not challenge a Leo often because they hate unpredictability, confrontation, or lack of stability. They will go with the flow for most situations. They will also be incredibly patient with that aggressive leader, Leo. Lastly, their lack of creativity will allow the Leo to grow and shine– which is exactly what a Leo loves to do!

13-Leo’s Best Friend: Confident & Independent Aries

A Leo’s best friend counterpart is that of an Aries. That’s right, their best friend is someone that is equally fiery, feisty, and independent. They’ll be so similar that they could clash, but it will be rare because they’ll understand the inner workings of each other. For example, a Leo girl will be frustrated about losing control, but an Aries girl will understand that and be able to let it go sometimes. An Aries girl will be angry for having an opinion challenged or for someone thinking she is too attached to her Leo BFF, but the Leo will understand this and she will give great advice to allow the Aries girl to roll it off her back. They both love adventure but only on their own times and they’ll understand that of each other, too.

12-Virgo’s Best Love: Confident & Cool Gemini

A Virgo is incredibly cool, introverted, and casual. They are judgmental and can be harshly critical, but only because they are always practical and honestly cannot comprehend people who choose to live based off of their emotions. Enter Gemini: someone that is more of an extrovert, but will completely support their introverted true and best love, Virgo. A Gemini will also be practical, despite their moodiness. They are a good mixture of grounded yet emotional. This mixture is enough but not too much for a Virgo, so the pair will work well together. They will also have an incredible conversation as they are equally intelligent, so they will never grow uninterested in each other. They will balance each other out well enough to last a lifetime!

11-Virgo’s Best Friend: Aquarius Because Opposites Attract-

A Virgo, as stated previously, can be judgmental. They can be pessimistic when something does not make sense to their overly rational mind. They can also be skeptical of things like true love and soulmates, even when it comes to friendships. However, an Aquarius gal is the perfect balance for a Virgo. Opposites attract, they say, and whoever they are, they’d be right. An Aquarius is loyal to anyone she is close to, regardless of zodiac sign or age or gender or anything! She is persuasive, willful, and dedicated, too. She is never skeptical, however, she can be indecisive. A Virgo, however, knows exactly how to make a choice and why she is making it. Is it starting to make sense? Somehow their opposite qualities fit well with each other, enough to make them the perfect friend match!

10-Libra’s Best Love: The Grounded & Patient Capricorn

Capricorn strikes again, readers! They are a great partner in life due to their casual and cool demeanor, their ease of and confidence in their intelligence, their ability to roll with things easily (what’s uptight mean?), and their practicality and patience in many situations. For a Libra girl, patience is key, because when she is moody or feeling negative, she can be pretty mean, sarcastic, and inconsiderate of other’s feelings. She will need someone that understands she may not mean things. She can also get lost with some out-of-this-world ideas that are not always realistic. Enter the grounded and sensible Capricorn to help her with that, too. Libras are also really friendly and Caps will play off of this well, even though they are mostly introverted. Libras bring out the best in them socially, too. It’s a great match!

9-Libra’s Best Friend: Confident Leo That Lifts Them Up

A Libra girl, as we have said, can be really idealistic and get lost in the clouds with some of her silly ideas. Even though she can make some of them happen, she can’t make them all happen. She can also be a little insecure when threatened. She does not like people who challenge her or insult her, whether they meant to or not. A Leo girl has enough confidence to know when and when not to do this to her Libra friend. She also can lift up her sometimes insecure friend with her great advice and her ease of confidence. Leos are natural leaders and Libras are natural followers, so this friendship is relatively easy. The Leo is so open and social and the Libra is so friendly that they will be great buddies in a social setting, too.

8-Scorpio’s Best Love: A Leo Man, To Reassure

Scorpio girls are passionate in many ways, well, really in ALL ways which can be the problem sometimes. This is why they tend to have trouble in relationships because that passion can easily turn into jealousy, possessiveness and slight insecurity. That is why a confident and cool Leo is the perfect match. A Scorpio will follow while the Leo will lead her confidently. They both have a tendency to be selfish, but they can put that aside for each other. A Leo will reassure her, make her feel better when she is sad, and never allow her to doubt his love. His confidence just wouldn’t let that happen. Further, a Leo will allow a Scorpio girl to exercise her independence in a healthy and appropriate way. It’s a great match!

7-Scorpio’s Best Friend: Pisces Pal For The Win

A Pisces pal is perfect for a Scorpio girl, readers. Here is why. A Scorpio girl needs reassurance at times; she needs someone that is very compassionate as she is. A Scorpio wants to see that other people are putting effort in as they know that they are. Scorpios can also be creative and have great imaginations. Pisces are very similar in this way. Pisces girls will understand the Scorpio’s securities within herself, as she will have very similar intrinsic feelings. They will both be able to paint or write or create together due to their equally talented creative sides, too. They both can be a little too emotional at times, but that is okay, because it grows their bond and their understanding of one another, only making them closer!

6-Sagittarius’ Best Love: Cancer, Because They Can’t Ever Get Bored

A Cancer, despite their sometimes problematic insecurities and tendencies to be manipulative, can always let loose and be super fun and adventurous. They are always open, whether in a good or bad way. This is why they are the perfect match for a Sagittarius! A Sag is really adventurous, often times growing careless or restless when doing the same thing for too long (both short-term and long-term). A Cancer will be great for their adventurous, fun-loving, and exciting side. Further, a Sag is a really good friend, so a Cancer will be reassured and secure, allowing them to open up even more! Lastly, a Cancer is sensitive and romantic, so they can shower that Sag with different kinds of love so they are never bored. This one will last a lifetime!

5-Sagittarius’ Best Friend: A Leo Lady Because Adventure

A Leo lady is very bold, independent, and feisty. They are great businesswomen because they know how to take control, lead a group, and challenge themselves to be better. They also know exactly how to let loose when that long work day or work week is all done for 48 hours. That is why a Leo lady is the best match for a Sagittarius girl! Sagittarius girls, as we know, are adventurous and bold. They are naturally charismatic and social; they can be the center of attention or they can choose not to be. The Leo girl and the Sag lady are equally charismatic and play off of one another in social situations. When home alone hanging out, these two always laugh, always have fun, and always find an adventure in the little things.

4-Capricorn’s Best Love: The Equally Practical Taurus-

A Capricorn is the best love for many of our zodiac signs as we have read, but who is the best love for the patient, kind, and always practical Capricorn? That answer lies in the down-to-earth, sensible, and equally responsible Taurus! They are both grounded in all that they do, confident in their choices, and sensible in their decisions. A Taurus is a little more outgoing, but they are understanding of the Capricorn’s more introverted tendencies. Taurus, actually, prefers to be in the spotlight, so it works that they don’t have to fight for it with a Capricorn. They are happy staying on the couch or going out and finding new friends to be around. The Taurus loves routine and stability, very similar to a Capricorn too! They fit well together, like puzzle pieces, if you will.

3-Capricorn’s Best Friend: Virgo Babe

A casual and quiet Virgo is the perfect friend for a practical and never uptight Capricorn. This makes sense, as the Virgo is the other Earth sign. Virgos are grounded and equally introverted, so there will never be pressure to do something bad, there will never be pressure to go out and be overly social and therefore uncomfortable, and there will rarely be arguments because they are both so patient with each other, like all the time! Even though Caps are very unimaginative, or they can be, a Virgo doesn’t like imagination or creativity too much anyway, due to their lack of understanding into people’s overly sensitive emotions and inability to sometimes make rational decisions. These two are best friends for life; they are two peas in a friend pod!

2-Aquarius’ Best Love: A Friendly Libra

The best love for a loyal and persuasive Aquarius is the friendly and kind Libra! Libras are really open to new people, which will make a usually reserved Aquarius feel more comfortable and willing to open up in a fresh way. When they connect, they will bond over their equal determination within their careers, their willfulness to push through negative situations, and their ability to control their emotions, for the most part. Actually, a Libra has a slightly better ability to control their emotion healthily, so they will be a good and strong foundation for an Aquarius. Further, an Aquarius can be indecisive and unreliable, but a Libra is honest enough to put them in their place and be patient helping them get to where they need to be to make their relationship together great!

1-Aquarius’ Best Friend: Loyal Pisces

The Pisces girl strikes again, as she is the best friend for a loyal Aquarius. These two aren’t very similar, but one thing in common will allow them to bond and rely heavily on each other for support. That one thing is loyalty! Pisces are great and loyal friends, dedicated to someone regardless of their personality. They love having friends to spend time with, plain and simple. An Aquarius holds loyalty in high regard, so this match works. Further, when an Aquarius is feeling reserved or down, they will retract like a turtle in a shell. A Pisces is patient and kind enough to give them time and help them through their difficult times. Lastly, the Aquarius’ tendency to be abrasive and willful will be met well by a sensitive yet pretty confident and loyal Pisces. Match made in loyalty heaven!


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